Miley Cyrus’ Birthday Party Looks Like a Naughty Lisa Frank Notebook — PHOTOS

Miley Cyrus had a great excuse for not showing up to the AMA's Sunday night: she partied too hard the previous night. To celebrate her 22nd birthday this weekend, Miley Cyrus had a bizarre birthday party that resembled your most demented of Ambien dreams. The festivities were replete with a pizza-shaped cake and a penis-shaped mechanical bull, and the attire was what I'd call "trippy casual."

As Us Weekly reports, the theme of the party that Cyrus hosted on Saturday in LA was "Miley's Twisted Mind." The venue looked like one of her midnight crafts come to life, so essentially, this is the Being John Malkovich sequel that takes place in Miley Cyrus' brain. She blew out the candles on a birthday cake that was designed to look like a pepperoni pizza (although she really could've just ordered real pizza that looks like pizza). After working down some redundant pizza dessert, the guests enjoyed some amusement on a weiner-shaped mechanical bull which I'm imagining was nearly impossible to stay on.

In a bold move, Cyrus' rumored boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger reportedly "brought a bunch of his guy friends who were tripping out on this party, they have never seen anything like it!" Essentially, when Schwarzenegger asked his buddies, "Whaddya think of Miley, guys?" they all exchanged glances and went, "Your girlfriend is really in-teresting, Patrick."

Not to be critical, but this mechanical bull isn't all that well-endowed...

To explain that crazy dream you had about the pop star riding a dong on Sunday, it wasn't the result of you taking a sleeping pill and having weirder-than-usual REM visions. You most likely just sleep-walked into Miley's birthday party.