Has Anything Changed Between Maks & Meryl?

Look, we all know that Maks and Meryl have obviously been coaching Janel and Val behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars Season 19. There's no possible way those two could've made it this far without the original DWTS romance, Maksyl, in their corner — even if they took it even farther when Janel and Val kissed on live television to give the fans what they want. But, I'm not fooled by all of this Janelskiy fanfare — Maks and Meryl are actively trying to divert our attention from their relationship, but I haven't forgotten about them. On Dec. 17, Maksyl will reunite for Sway: A Dance Trilogy , but until they return to the dance floor to show Janelskiy who's boss — what have Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis been up to lately?

It doesn't seem like they've finally decided to make their love officially official just yet, but Maksyl's "friendship" is still going strong. Back in October, Maks made it very clear and he and Meryl were just friends and that's where their relationship planned to stay for awhile. I mean, I'm still not buying it, but whatever floats your boat. At the very least, Maksyl has remained close enough that they still have celebratory dinners together and post "#flashbackfriday"s of their time together on DWTS. Or, as I like to call it, the DWTS showmance that will be emulated for years to come by pairs eager to replicate Maksyl's intense and perfect chemistry.

While we're anxiously awaiting Maksyl's return to the dance floor, here's what the pair's been up to lately — aside from making it perfectly clear that they're made for each other.

Meryl Posted A Romantic #FlashbackFriday

And it was of one of the pair's most romantic, emotional, and successful dances. She clearly misses their time together, so it's a good thing they've got plans to reunite.

Maks Celebrated Meryl's Achievements

Because that's what you do for someone you love, right? Maksyl had an adorable dinner for two to celebrate Meryl being named Sportswoman of the Year.

They Double-Dated With Janelskiy

I don't know who those other guys are — possibly prop-friends to make it seem like the Chmerkovskiy brothers weren't on a double-date with their DWTS partners. This might also be proof of Maksyl coaching the next generation of showmance to the finish line.

Two Times Meryl Was So Excited For The Maksyl Reunion

Meryl reposted this fan-edit of her and Maks dancing as a promotion for Sway and couldn't get enough of it.

The DWTS-winner also reposted this photo from Jenna Johnson's Instagram account because, even though she's not in the photo, Meryl is so pumped to get back together with Maks.

So, Maksyl is still going very strong, possibly because they've been able to use Janelskiy as a cover. But they won't be able hide anymore when they reunite for Sway. Quit toying with us, Maks and Meryl, we know you love each other more than friends — just admit it, so we can all bask in your glory.