Did Tom Hiddleston Get Married in Secret? He's Wearing a Ring on That Finger ... — PHOTO

If you thought Benedict Cumberbatch getting engaged broke the Internet, just imagine if Tom Hiddleston secretly got married. That's what a lot of fans feared this weekend when they spotted a gold band on a certain finger of his. On Sunday, a fan posted a picture with the actor and people immediately pointed out that it looked like Hiddleston was wearing a ring on his left hand.

But you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief because Hiddleston is most likely not married. He's not even rumored to be dating anyone. (Although, I can't imagine why, since he's the world's best catch.) The real story here, it seems, is that Hiddleston forgot to take his prop ring off at the end of his filming day. He's currently playing Hank Williams for the movie I Saw the Light and his character has a wife. (Who is played by the very lucky Elizabeth Olsen.)

I suppose there's always a chance that Hiddleston did run off and elope, but it seems unlikely that he would be the kind to jump into a decision like that. Especially because he's yet to be linked with someone, so any romance he has would be pretty new and not really at the marriage level quite yet. Most likely he's simply forgetful and accidentally took that prop off stage. Or he's hardcore messing with us because he can.

Either way, he's probably not married, which means technically we all still have a chance. May the odds be ever in your favor.