Are Val Chmerkovskiy & Janel Parrish Dating? Val's Answer on 'DWTS' Answer Was So Confusing

It's been the question in the back of everyone's minds throughout the entirety of Dancing With the Stars. Are Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy dating or are they just really passionate, platonic partners? Well during Tuesday's DWTS road to the finale special, the pair was tasked with answering fan questions and you can bet the number one thing they were asked about was their relationship status. "Are you and Janel dating or whatttt?" one fan asked (with four "t"s and everything).

Janel just kind of laughed uncomfortably and didn't say anything while Val tried to sum up their chemistry. But rather than putting an end to the rumors one way or another, his answer just confused everyone even more. "Well this is awkward," Val said looking around for someone to rescue him from answering. "No. Yes? No? What is this?" he asked Janel who offered up nothing. Val then settled for a joke. "This is an arranged marriage, it's not dating."

Darn it, Val! I just want a straight answer out of you! Team Janelskiy fans are desperate for the pair to date (even fellow DWTS cast member Lea Thompson was a Janelskiy 'shipper). I feel like even if they do decide to take things to romantic level they'll keep it under wraps just to mess with us.

I'm going to take Val's confusing answer as a tentative "yes" because he didn't flat out say they weren't dating, after all. Janel and Val may have met because of the arranged partner situation, but once the show ends they're free to date with the pressure of DWTS behind them. Fingers crossed one day they actually answer "yes" when asked if they're together. Whether they win on Tuesday or not, they would make the cutest couple.