The Snow Queen's "Shattered Sight" Spell Will Affect Some 'OUAT' Couples More than Others

It's curse time again on Once Upon A Time. We haven't had a good curse hit Storybrooke for a while. How will the Snow Queen's "Spell of Shattered Sight" affect OUAT and its characters? Everyone is in a good place right now. Hook and Emma are doing well. Rumplestiltskin was honest for the first time this season, admitting that he was too self-serving to ever dream of giving up his magical abilities. Regina and Snow White became something like friends? This new curse is supposed to make you see the worst in yourself and others that you love. The writers room over at Once Upon A Time must get pretty fun when they come up with these devices. Remember last season when a mermaid demanded they work together in order to sink their ship, and then everyone had to tell a dark secret in order to enter a cave and rescue Neal? What great ways to push your characters.

We've already seen this spell work on Anna. She became pretty nasty and turned on Elsa the way Ingrid wanted her to. As we saw in Arendelle, mixed-up feelings won't necessarily destroy everyone. Elsa got hip to the plan pretty quick and sacrificed herself rather than hurt her own sister. However, once the spell is cast on a whole town, the affects could be dangerous. Other than Ruby and Granny's bickering and a snide remark from Doctor Whale, what major relationships are likely to suffer?

Robin & Regina

These two anti-heroes in love are sure to be volatile when confronted with a spell that makes you see the worst in each other. They've both done terrible things and there's that giant elephant in the room, Maid Marian. "Outlaw Queen" is sure to be put to the test by this spell. I hope they're able to pull through!

Rumplestiltskin & Belle

This couple, on the other hand, could actually benefit from a little magic-induced truth telling. Belle is still unaware that she has no affect on her hubby's Dark One dagger. Meanwhile Rumple is off stealing hearts and working on an escape plan with Hook. The newlyweds need to get some things out in the open. According to the ABC press release, Belle will be working with the fairies to find a way to reverse the curse. We've seen the Blue Fairy get nasty before, and Belle could be her next target.

You know what else would be wonderful? If this spell brought out a bit of Lacey, Belle's bad girl Storybrooke alter-ego. Seeing that Belle wasn't all goodness was so refreshing. Belle's whole "thing" is that she sees the best in people, the exact opposite of this spell.

The Charmings

I am going to go out on a snow-covered limb here and predict that David and Mary Margaret's relationship might get a respite from this spell. I don't think that their seeing the worst will pit them against each other, but perhaps against others who have wronged them. That said, one person in this family I would be interested to see in a cursed condition is Henry. He may have the heart of the truest believer, however Regina was gaslighting him for most of his childhood. He went to school in a town where the only student aging was him. It's a wonder he's not more damaged from that experience.

I still don't understand how this will affect Emma and how that benefits the Snow Queen. If Emma started seeing the worst in people, the whole town would come to an end. Perhaps the ribbons that Elsa and Emma are wearing will protect them and they alone will be immune to the spell. Because how would seeing the worst in themselves and others push them towards Ingrid? On the other hand, Emma has a lot of resentment against her parents and Regina and herself (not to mention if she finds out Hook is being manipulated by Rumplestiltskin) that I think the Snow Queen would be a fool not to exploit.

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