'Real World' Star Ryan Knight's Final Tweets & Instagrams Show a Happy Guy — PHOTOS

It came as a shock Thursday night, Thanksgiving no less, to learn that Real World star Ryan Knight had been found dead. TMZ reported that friends found Knight Thursday morning, having allegedly "choked on his own vomit." Knight, who was on Real World: New Orleans 2010 and later starred on many iterations of The Challenge, was reportedly very content in a new romantic relationship before passing away. Fans may remember his tumultuous dating history with fellow cast member Jemmye Carroll, and while the two remain friends, Knight was supposedly with someone who made him "extremely happy." And one of Knight's last tweets illustrates just how happy he really was.

On Nov. 24, Knight wrote: "Have the type of life, that when you die no one will dare say, "he left us for a better place." Who knows in what state of mind Knight was in, but this tweet makes it seem like he was, indeed, really happy. His final tweet, however, is a lot more cryptic. On Nov. 27 at 2:03 a.m., reportedly mere hours before his death, Knight wrote: "You used to mean a lot."

On Instagram this week, Knight shared photos of himself hanging out with friends, watching football, and goofing off at Target. He did seem to be in a good place.

Hanging with a friend:

Doing some shopping:

Rest in peace.

Image: Knight MTV/Instagram