The Evolution of the Holiday Party

There's something about traditional holiday parties that take me back... way, way back. Whether I'm gathering round the Christmas tree with family, exchanging Secret Santa gifts with co-workers at the office, or tossing back warm mugs of eggnog with friends, there's always a cozy feeling of nostalgia that comes with hanging out around the ol' yule log channel with the people I love or, you know, like.

When I was little, Christmas parties were special because I could dress up in my Christmas tree tights (yes), put on my red patent leather Mary Janes (YES), and camp out by the bowl of Chex mix while my parents chit chatted with the neighbors. I always envisioned myself getting older and throwing fancy holiday soirees of my own one day, flitting around between all my beautiful grownup guests with a grownup cocktail in one hand and a tray full of grownup food in the other. Alas, the only holiday party I've actually thrown as "an adult" consisted of six friends sitting on the floor in my cramped studio apartment watching Love Actually and drinking wine from a box, but I mean, that wasn't so terrible, either.

This year, though, I might give the whole "party" thing another go. And thankfully, most of my work has been done for me. Behold "The Evolution of the Christmas Party," a short and sweet guide produced by e-commerce mega site eBay that breaks down Christmas celebrations through the decades — and how to recreate them today. A huge fan of Mad Men? Grab an Old Fashioned, munch on a few pigs in a blanket, and get ready to dance the night away Don Draper style to the tunes of Marvin Gaye. More of a Michael Jackson fan? Trade in your ugly Christmas sweater for a Member's Only jacket and throw the perfect party straight from the '80s, complete with seven layer dip and a gin fizz. Personally, I'd be more up for throwing a '90s party because, hi, bagel pizzas and Jell-O shots are delicious, but there are perks to each of these options. Maybe try all of them out at once and have an Evolution of the Christmas Party-themed Christmas party. No? Too much? Ba, humbug.

Check out eBay's infographic in full:

Images: Fotolia; eBay