This Baby And Sloth Are Best Friends, So Prepare To Get Drunk From The Cuteness—VIDEO

I've watched Enchanted a few times (okay, a hundred, get off my back), which is how I know that friendships between humans and small critters can be beautiful. Of course, that was only fiction. The real proof of it lies in this adorable friendship between a baby and a sloth, which will probably emotionally destroy you if you aren't prepared for the feels you will have before you see them together. Five-month-old baby Alia and Daisy the Sloth met when Alia was just two days old, so they have been inseparable from the get-go: cuddling together, reading together, sharing their toys, and even wearing matching headbands.

It is no secret that baby Alia will grow up ahead of the curve because of this friendship, bearing in mind all the incredible life lessons we can learn from sloths. But although Daisy is Alia's closest animal friend, she is far from the only: her parents Julia and Jason own a kangaroo, and anteater, sugar gliders, and a cat. They chronicle their animal adventures on their blog. Julia also writes a children's book series called "Search For The Hidden Clover," and interactive and educational way to teach children about animals and nature conservation.

Maybe this is already in the works, but I am crossing all my fingers and toes that one of the next "Search for the Hidden Clover" books will feature this adorable baby and sloth, because this is the kind of friendship whose story deserves to be immortalized into a book. Besides, then they would have yet another story to snuggle up and read together. You can watch them being ridiculously adorable in this video chronicling their friendship (and if you're paying close attention then you'll see the cameo of a giant kangaroo butt chilling out toward the end):

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Image: YouTube