When 'Gotham' Returns from Winter Hiatus, It Needs To Answer These 10 Questions

Winter hiatus isn't just coming… it's finally here, and it feels like every single drama is either finishing its season or going on a temporary hiatus, like Gotham. Now, after an underwhelming midseason finale, we have to wait until January 2015 before Gotham Season 1 returns with new episodes. The show's last episode drew up even more questions than it answered. But some, like "where is the Joker?" can't be satisfactorily answered this season— the show does have a plan in place, after all. But some things just need to be resolved by the end of this season, and the sooner we figure them out, the sooner we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief. Here are the 10 questions Gotham needs to answer before the season ends.

1. Seriously, Who Killed the Waynes?

We've been waiting for this for weeks already, ever since Harvey Dent barged in, positive that he was going to be the one to help Jim find the Waynes' killer. That's got to be one of the first things that she show reveals.

2. Is Harvey Dent Right About Lovecraft?

Dent is hell-bent on incriminating Lovecraft for the Waynes' murders, but the crew of hyper-atheletic assassins started targeting him after they found out about Gordon researching Selina. Is that because he did have something to do with their murders, or because he's totally unrelated to them?

3. Who's After Selina?

The mysterious group of acrobatic crooks resemble the cat burglar that Selina Kyle will become. But why did they already know about her, and what are they going to do with her once they've got her?

4. Does Falcone Know About Liza?

Last we saw Falcone, Penguin was trying to warn him about Fish's plans to infiltrate his home with Liza. Falcone assured Penguin that he was being overly critical of Fish, but he had a little smirk that implied he already knew about it.

5. Who Is Penguin Loyal To?

So far, it seems like Penguin is totally loyal to Falcone, but then again, he seems more focused on manipulating everyone than really helping him, as he's kept several things secret.

6. And Where Do Liza's Loyalties Lie?

…Or, maybe Liza's already told Falcone everything, including that Oswald came to visit her without telling him, in which case Penguin's the one who's being played. Oswald might be the one on the chopping block.

7. How Will Jim Gordon Get His Job Back?

We know that Gordon will eventually become commissioner, but after being demoted to guard at Arkham Asylum, he has a long way to go before running back to the Gotham PD. But how will he regain his former position? It could be an act of heroism like saving the mayor, Harvey Bullock vouching for him, or pulling off an impressive solve of the Wayne murder case.

8. What's Up with Barbara?

Barbara Kean disappeared a few episodes ago, citing a combination of stress from Jim's job and drinking too much. The last time we saw her, she was back with her ex, Renee Montoya, but hadn't told Jim. Are they destined for a breakup? Why is Barbara even on this show?? All things we have to find out in Season 1.

9. Are Montoya and Allen Going to Expose Police Corruption?

They've been rooting around, trying to uncover police corruption, even accusing Jim of killing Oswald Cobblepot. But will these two actually expose anything dirty? It shouldn't be hard in a city as corrupt as Gotham.

10. Who Will Take Over Gotham City?

Obviously, the show is building to some climactic change in city politics. Whether an assassination attempt on the police chief or a mob hit that takes out one of the big bosses, something important is due to change in Gotham, and fans will be excitedly waiting to find out which characters come out on top in 2015 when the show returns — if the anticipation doesn't kill us first.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy (3); Gotham Gifs/Tumblr