Luke Wade Didn't Impress "The Voice" Judges But His Talent Is Still One of the Best of This Season

There have been many great performances tonight, and I've found myself claiming that a lot of people are going to win The Voice. I stand by my opinion that Damien is going to take this whole thing home, but Luke Wade is definitely going to come in at a close second. He's been a fan favorite the entire competition, thanks to his charm, great looks, and captivating voice. Though Wade might not have given his best performance tonight according to the judges, he was still able to take an old song that no millenial has ever heard of and turned it into a modern-sounding rock performance. The ease in his voice and his ability to rope the audience in, even with a song they didn't know, is the mark of a real artist.

Wade has proved week after week that he can take whatever is thrown at him. He made it effortlessly through the tough early rounds of the competition, survived a timing blunder during a crucial performance, and continues to make it through round after round at the top of the pack. Wade has a "cool guy" vibe about him, but it comes with a side of "quirky nerd." I don't know exactly where that vibe is coming from, but I've always thought of Wade as the nerdy-cool guy of this season. This, paired with his smooth voice and rockstar performances, keeps him in the game, and will keep him in for weeks to come.

As I've said before, this is a show about having the voice, not the killer rockstar-style. But the best part about Wade is that he has both. He is one of the most versatile artists of the season, which he's proved by singing power ballads, classic rock songs, current hits, etc. He's one of the few contestants left that's able to get up on the stage and just sing without having to pull from a bag of tricks. As long as Wade continues doing his thing and staying true to himself, he will certainly find himself in The Voice finale.

Image: Ryan Tuttle/NBC