Isabel & Sascha Fight At SUR On 'Euros of Hollywood' & A Woman Pops Out of A Giant Tank Cake

Toward the end of Monday night’s Euros of Hollywood, I reluctantly had to look away from my TV set for a few seconds in order to plug in my laptop charger. (My computer was about to diiiiiie. Desperate times call for desperate measures.) When I looked back at my TV set, I saw a very familiar backsplash. A very familiar shiny, sparkly backsplash. That's right: SASCHA’S BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS AT SUR. Ugh, I LIVE for a Bravo crossover. I didn’t spot any of my favorite Vanderpumpers working the party the background, but that’s OK. There was plenty going on at Sascha’s soiree as it was. Namely, a woman popped out of an enormous tank cake. Oh, and! The Isabel vs. Fawni fight and the Isabel vs. Sascha fight.

Well, Fawni and Isabel didn't actually fight. They just avoided one another, which was probably for the best. Wouldn't want to cause a scene at Sascha's par— OH, wait. Someone did cause a scene at Sascha's party. And that someone was Sascha.

His initial intentions were innocuous: After he played his song for the partygoers, Sascha decided to ask Isabel—who left the room while the song was playing, mind you—what she thought about the new tune. Isabel told him his DJing needs more layers and that he needs to "be more." In a talking head, she said she thinks Sascha isn't the best DJ in the world. Zoinks.

A few minutes later, Sascha mulled over how frustrated he was with Isabel. (She didn't introduce him to her husband! She said stuff about Fawni! Some other things I can't remember!) And then, he confronted her. He told her she thinks she lives in her own universe and is better than everyone else. They went back and forth about the frat party-themed party introduction that never transpired. Isabel asked if he wants her to apologize, and then she said she won't apologize for anything because she didn’t do anything that warranted an apology. Sascha said he just wanted the Euros Euros to stick together. They argued some more. Isabel left.

And then, hero that he is, Massimo ran out after Isabel. He told her she and Sascha will work this out.

“If they can solve a war," Massimo began, his tone perfectly soothing. "We can solve this too.”


Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo