Are Evan Peters & Emma Roberts Endgame on 'AHS: Freak Show'? They Got Together Rather Quickly...

I'm not really rooting for Maggie and Jimmy on AHS . Their whirlwind romance — and by "whirlwind," I mean going from kissing to pondering the future while spooning in under 20 seconds — came in all "surprise, bitch" and trampled all over the the theory that Taissa Farmiga's and Evan Peters 'characters are endgame in every AHS reincarnation (you know, when they can find each other). And now I'm supposed to just be fine with little Jimmy Darling making plans to run away with a murder-plotting fraudulent fortune teller? She's bad news; just because her bad news isn't quite as bad as, say Dell or Dandy's, doesn't mean Maggie Esmeralda's news isn't bad.

OK, really, once you get past the frequent contemplation of murder and the con artist thing, Maggie seems like a pretty good person. But there is very little to find charming, or even intriguing about the Maggie/Jimmy romance (other than that time they survived two homicidal clowns together). I actually thought I had accidentally missed a week when they were suddenly in bed together last episode, because last I recalled, they had logged exactly one romantic interaction. But considering that kiss immediately led to planning to run away together, I guess I could have assumed the resulting interim period while they got their affairs in order could result in falling totally in love with each other.

I can try to look at their love with an unbiased eye for the good of plot and character development, and... nah, it's still weak. I just don't think these two are going to make it. I'm no Maggie, but I predict doom...

The Trouble With Dell

Last week, we saw Jimmy find some sort of fulfillment in getting confirmation that Dell was his father... even though Dell is The Worst. They're drunken bonding included Dell passing along "The Toledo Code" to Jimmy in front of his female boss, and his wife: "The first minute you let a woman tell you what to do is the first minute you hand your balls to them." Now isn't that sweet? No, it's gross, and not something Jimmy would normally get behind. But Dell is getting in Jimmy's head — it seems that it's pretty easy to get into Jimmy's head — and considering Dell's hatred of women, and most people in general, I doubt he'll be too supportive of Maggie and her plans to take Jimmy away to somewhere less destructive than the Freak Show. Jimmy will probably start to trust him, and then he'll tell him his plans, and then...

Stanley's Evil Plan

Ugh, Stanley; he's not quite as terrible as Dell, but still a murder-y thorn in the side of the Freak Show innocents. Stanley has made himself quite clear to his partner in crime, Maggie: she's not quitting on him, and she better get to collecting his museum collectibles, or else. Stanley has proven himself to be more cunning than most of the other Freak Show bad guys, and he also seems to be a planner. Unless Maggie and Jimmy get their acts together — and start spending a little less time making moon eyes at each other and a little more making a trip itinerary — I just don't see them getting out of Stanley's grips (alive). If he's willing to have sweet Ma Petite murdered, I'm sure vulnerable Jimmy Darling will be no problem.

Love is a tricky thing

I'm just saying, I bet these two don't even know each other's middle names. Maggie and Jimmy have both found themselves at pretty desperate times in their lives, where they're on the verge of doing desperate things, and as Jimmy expressed via Nirvana on last week's episode, they're just looking for a friend: someone to believe in them. And I guess they've found that in each other, which is nice enough. But are they really in love or are they just latching on to the closest, purest thing that will get them away from their terrible lives?

Would they die for each other? Well, Jimmy seems like he'd die for just about anyone, and Maggie just might do it too, because behind all the murder plots, she's a pretty decent gal. But whether Stanley or Dell force them apart, or they were never really in love in the first place, I'm not predicting a happy ending for Maggie and Jimmy.

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