8 Things You Should Never Say to a Lucy Hale Fan

This leading lady isn't just a pretty face in Hollywood. She's so much more. You probably recognize Lucy Hale for playing Aria on Pretty Little Liars . Yep, Hale is known for portraying one of the main characters on the hit ABC Family drama, not to mention getting to romance Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz. She's one lucky lady. Like her co-stars, Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), and Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), she has a huge fan base thanks to PLL. People of all ages adore Hale and love showing their support for her as Aria Montgomery and in all of her other projects.

For those who have nothing nice to say about Hale, I recommend just keeping your thoughts to yourself. Did your parents ever teach you that if you have nothing nice to say it's best to just not say anything at all? Well, that also applies here. If you don't like her as Aria Montgomery or her kissing Harding or despise her singing career, then back away slowly, because her fans will stick up for her, including myself. To help guide you in the right direction, here are eight things you should never say to a Lucy Hale fan. Trust me, you'll want to abide by these rules, unless you really like getting into arguments.

"She's a Wannabe Country Singer."

LucyHaleVEVO on YouTube

For those unaware, Hale is a talented country singer. She recently released her album Road Between and is going on tour. Just because someone is an actor doesn't mean they can't pursue their other dreams or talents. Take Jennifer Lopez, Jared Leto, Jennifer Hudson, and Justin Timberlake, who all manage singing and acting careers. Hale should be admired for her determination and hard work. Talk about a role model for young women.

"She Doesn't Make a Good Aria."

Excuse me? Did you just say that? I can't imagine anyone else more perfect for the role of Aria. Hale embodies everything Aria is, including her wit, style, determination, and emotional journey as a young woman.

"She and Ian Harding Don't Make a Convincing Couple on PLL."

Don't. Mess. With. Ezria. Fans. If you break their hearts, then they'll break yours. No joke. Not only do Hale and Harding pull off the complicated relationship of Ezra and Aria perfectly, but they're also good friends in real life, which they chatted about during the 2014 PLL Halloween special. That just makes their fictional love that much more convincing.

"She's Way Too Skinny."

First of all, Hale looks healthy and fit. Second of all, it's no secret that Hale's battled body image issues and struggled with an eating disorder in the past. As she revealed to Cosmopolitan magazine, she would "go days without eating." We should all admire Hale for her honesty, give her support, and stop with the skinny-shaming.

"Her Edgy Style on PLL Is So Not Fashionable."

Both Hale and Aria have some serious fashion sense. One of the things we PLL fans love so much about the show is the Liars' clothes. They all have their own unique style, but Aria pushes the boundaries with her edginess, which is something we should all embrace and not bash. Aria's style is sacred to her fans.

"Aria Montgomery Will Probably Be Her Only Big Role."

Nah. This girl has talent, and I have a feeling she'll be around for awhile. Those that think this are clearly just jealous of Hale. Don't hate, appreciate.

"Ezria Won't Last. I Liked Her Better With Jake."

*Gasp* The craziness! Ezria is meant to be, despite their somewhat messed-up relationship. There is no Ezra without Aria, and vice versa. Their connection is insane and for anyone to think otherwise is just wrong on so many levels.

"I Bet She's 'A'."

I think we've all thought this about each Liar. Aria, Spencer, Emily, or Hanna could easily be "A," but that would kind of be upsetting — and genius all at once. However, PLL fans don't want to think one of the beloved ladies as someone committing crimes, causing deaths, and being capable of such horrific acts.

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