Michael Kors' Pre-Fall 2015 Collection Debuted with "Romantic Jesus" Sandals and Bows in All the Right Places

Michael Kors has been winning over the fashion industry for decades with a very distinctive design aesthetic that has centered on anything but traditional femininity. Until now. The king of sports-luxe and clean lines debuted his pre-fall (aka "transeason" in Kors speak) 2015 collection yesterday — a capsule in which he used bows for the first time in 33 years. Yet, while the collection is being described as feminine and romantic, each piece still has the DNA of a typical Kors creation: the silhouettes are clean, well-tailored and easy to wear; the dresses are both smart and swoon-worthy; his signature stripe can still be seen; and the bows are meticulously placed to enhance, not overpower. With the help of noted muses like Jane Holzer, Winona Ryder and, who else, Taylor Swift, romanticism by way of textured graphic prints and bows ranging from big to baby, this transeason collection is essentially the dream love-child of Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

All 39 gorgeous pieces, in other words, your new holiday wish list, can be seen on WWD. There is no shortage of designs that breath life into the in-between season, including striped lace, full sequin ensembles, the chicest track pants designed to date and red-carpet-ready dresses. While it is nearly impossible to weed out the best pieces from a collection of complete winners, below are a few standouts that have quickly become fashion industry favorites.


Here are the simplified, slightly chunky, bow-topped gladiator sandals that Kors coined, "Romantic Jesus." Footwear that is pretty again (no more ugly sandal!) and an accessory you get to casually tell your friends are "romantically jesus" when they ask what you are wearing? Amazing.


A high-waisted silhouette plus a polka dot print plus a statement bow equal the perfect retro swimsuit. I wonder who the muse could have been for this piece? (Hint: TSwift, obviously.)


Also referred to as the only shoe you will ever need, ever again, in your life. Besides your "Romantic Jesus" sandal. But duh.


Romance expressed through a very Kors-ian bold graphic print, that was seen both in dress form and on a skirt that was smartly paired with a thick stripe top.


Rather than go with all-over bows, Kors chose the ever-classic polka dot, finishing it off with a black bow belt.

Side note: there is also a full sequin rugby shirt that I call dibs on. Good luck not emptying your bank account next season on what seems to be one of the pre-fall front runners.

Images: Twitter