May We All Have a Friend as Good as This Turtle

I need these two turtles to have their own Nickelodeon TV show immediately. It will be good for kids to watch them. Example: You will learn more about team work and perseverance in 55 seconds of watching this turtle rescue his overturned friend then you will have learned in any episode of Dora the Explorer (lo siento, Dora, but come on). If you've ever seen a turtle flip on its back before, you know that the results can be totally hazardous if someone doesn't help a bro out and flip him back over; it is painstakingly difficult for them to do it on their own. But when one of the turtles at this Taiwanese zoo flopped the wrong way, his companion very patiently and intelligently figured out how to save him.

I don't know what's more adorable about this video, the awesomeness of this turtle friendship or the screams of the pack of schoolchildren cheering them on. If I had that many small humans putting their faith in me, I'd probably turtle up and do the impossible, too. Like all good '80s to '90s kids, we know from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that turtle teamwork is absolutely a thing, but it's still heartwarming to see the results of it in real life.

This pair are far from the first turtles to gain unexpected internet fame for being their badass selves, but I think that they are, by far, the most inspirational. This definitely sheds light on why turtles can live up to a hundred years—they quite literally have each other's backs. If you need a reason to smile today then look no further than this video, which I'm sure will be optioned by Nick Jr. by Christmas:

Image: YouTube