4-Year-Old Takes "Let It Go" Awesomely Literally

I don't know if there is a solitary place left on earth where a human being can go without closing their eyes and being able to hear the soft echo of someone, somewhere singing "Let It Go." I am guilty of contributing to this trendy noise pollution, and even earned a few awkward paychecks last winter impersonating Elsa in crowded malls (Editor's note: Emma is fired if she doesn't produce videos of these performances within the next 48 hours), so I know firsthand that "Let It Go" fever is a real thing and we cannot be blamed for the loss of control over our limbs and general lack of common sense when this song comes on. In fact, this little girl who starts dancing by herself to "Let It Go'" in the middle of her recital is just one of many victims exhibiting the main symptom of the fever, and was not at all responsible for her behavior (in my humble, brainwashed-by-Disney opinion).

If you thought you were going to get a break from this madness this holiday season, THINK AGAIN—we, the singers of "Let It Go" are not going anywhere. Just last week, we saw one of the most epic "Let It Go " covers by four Korean sisters in the Phillippines, and we even got no-nonsense, aggressively-salt-of-the-earth Danny Castellano from the Mindy Project sucked into the black hole of our madness. We are BACK this holiday season, stronger and louder than ever before, with a whole new generation, including 4-year-old Halle, the star of this dance recital gone amok, who are using their few years of practiced motor coordination to serve our cause.

What is most irresistible about her dance is that it in every way personifies the meaning of this song: FORGET WHAT SOCIETY THINKS, HALLE. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Or, in this case, to the belt of your own Elsa. Check out the most adorable Frozen fan to date in the report below:

Image: YouTube