Toddler BFFs Become Worst Enemies in 30 Seconds

This video begins quite innocuously, but things suddenly turn ugly when 2-year-old Ann Marie decides that Nikko is definitely also not two years old. Like most fights between best friends, this one is pretty much over nothing. The woman filming this video first asks the toddlers, “Are you best friends?” The little girls answer, “Mmhmm” almost simultaneously. Precious! The cuties are then asked the oldest question in the Book of Toddler: “How old are you?” For some reason, this excites little kids to no end. It means they get hold up their tiny fingers and proudly show off how well they know themselves and how to count.

Nikko answers first, saying “Two!” which seems to bother Ann Marie, because she turns to Nikko and proclaims, “I’m two!” while thrusting two fingers in Nikko’s face. Nikko could have been the bigger person, but instead she holds up her entire hand and argues, “No, I’m two!” as though it would only be possible for one of the girls to be two. I think she also confuses Ann Marie with her five fingers, because she responds by saying, “No, you fwive.” Nikko, you DID hold up five fingers. Gotta be accountable for your actions, you know?

The next thing you know, these little ladies really start battling their age difference (or lack thereof) out. Hopefully, Nikko and Ann Marie worked things out, because they seem to really have a good thing going when they're not trying to correct each other about their respective ages.

Image: sjsjn/YouTube