The Most Searched Beauty Questions Of 2014

We all rely on Google for the answers to lots of life's most perplexing or absurd questions, from what exact body oil Kim Kardashian used on her Paper cover to how to banish acne to even more existential questions about why we're here. In 2014, we were also Googling our biggest beauty questions, like how often we should be washing our hair or how we can most effectively minimize large pores. Refinery29 found out the year's most pressing beauty topics that we furiously typed into that little search box below the colorful Google logo.

Clearly, Google is a reachable resource for makeup mavens with super specific concerns and even those with casual questions on how to deal with common issues. Crazy stuff, like reverse tanning, appears to still be a niche market.

As it turns out, your friends at Bustle had many of the same queries and we wrote about them for you... a bunch!

Some of the issues were common and not surprising, like eradicating undesired skin problems, while others pertained to "how to." Let's explore the beauty trends and topics that we Googled this year, shall we?

1. Skin Is In

Getting rid of persistent acne was a hot topic, as was ditching under-eye bags. You also wanted to know how to treat stretch marks. Fixing blemishes and addressing scars is obviously a concern (and a big business) in beauty and you wanted to learn how to deal with them. Minimizing large pores was another subject of interest.

2. Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Other topics related to cleanliness, like how to often you should wash your hair or how to clean your makeup brushes. There's lots of intel on the science of shampoo, with low-lathering formulas with less chemicals that completely change the perception how to keep follicles fab. And since makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and can lead to the acne you've been searching for a way to rid yourself of, you were interested in the most effective method for cleaning them.

3. BB Creams, Because We Love Streamlined Skin

While we're already dealing with CC and DD creams, which moisturize, color-correct, and more, beauty mavens were still wondering what the heck BB creams are. We may never fully grasp the true difference between a BB and a tinted moisturizer. Life's big questions, you know?

4. Brows, Brows, Brows

The least surprising of the searched beauty topics, though, was the burning question of how to shape eyebrows. 2014 was unquestionably the year of the strong eyebrow, with thick, expertly shaped brows reigning supreme. Hi Cara Delevingne and Cristiano Ronaldo! The strong brow game was everywhere and you wanted to know how to get it.

So there you go. Those were both the trends and specific beauty topics that were top of mind and thus Googled about in 2014.

Images: Kaponia Aliaksei/Fotolia; Giphy (4)