13 Celebrities We Should Stop Hating on in 2015

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Since it's almost January, it's probably as good a time as any to come up with some New Year's resolutions. While goals like eating healthier and going to the gym are great, I have a new one to propose. I think 2015 should be the year we stop hating on Kim Kardashian. While there's a population that loves Kim K (myself included), there are plenty of people quick to throw shade her way no matter what. A perfect example was when everybody recently freaked out because Kim cropped daughter North West out of a photo. As she said herself, "Can I live?!?" Answer: YES.

It may seem fun to mock someone who's famous (and hey, we all do it) — but let's lay off the ridicule a bit, OK? This isn't a morality lesson, it's just a simple suggestion. I think we could all benefit from some positivity. In addition to Kim K, here's a list of other celebs we should try to stop hating on in 2015.

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