Anna Wintour Wraps Her Christmas Gifts in Designer Paper, But Are You Really Surprised?

Celebrities are getting personal this holiday season, making us commoners frantic over how we can possibly be more creative in decorating our trees and stuffing our stockings. Beyoncé ushered us into Christmas 2014 with her 7/11 video, in which she danced sans pants in ugly Christmas sweaters in front of a festive tree fit for her Blue Ivy. And this week, she sent a snapshot of herself from the video in a Christmas card, which she mailed to celebrities, who supposedly fell on the floor in excitement. Victoria Beckham commissioned for an upside-down tree installation for her London store. The Kardashians opted out of their annual holiday card, leading many to suspect if it had anything to do with Kanye not wanting to spread his familial holiday cheer. And now, the Mother of Fashion, Anna Wintour, is reportedly wrapping her gifts in designer paper--Marni to be exact.

Many are currently wrapping presents in paper that they might or might not have purchased from the dollar store, or if they have decided to get a little more fancy, then maybe they splurged on some from Target. But, Ms. Wintour cannot spend 11 months out of the year sitting front row at haute couture fashion shows and send the year off with a bang with store-bought wrapping paper. She also doesn't have time to wrap them either. Instead, she put her assistant Rey-Hanna Vakili to the task this year of playing Ann-ta's Little Helper (get it?), who took to Instagram to show off the wall full of gifts she wrapped in 12 hours, an impressive feat to say the least.

Of course, the next question is obviously what lies beneath the carefully wrapped gifts that vary in all shapes and sizes, and more importantly who will be the lucky recipients of gifts from Vogue's editor-in-chief. Could it be a cape for André? A pair of hoop earrings for Grace? New sunglasses for Karl? Inquiring minds are dying to know.

But, as we continue to stuff our mundane stockings and sit by our glistening chimneys with care, those awaiting their gifts from St. Anna are, too, waiting for their Marni-wrapped gifts. Waiting seems to be the only things we might have in common with the lucky ones who are being gifted by Vogue this holiday season. May this be your inspiration to somehow try harder next year.