The Best Celeb Family Holiday Pics of 2014, Because Blue Ivy in Front of a Christmas Tree is Truly the Best Gift — PHOTOS

If you're having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, this may be exactly what you need — a round-up of the cutest family photos from celebrities. Seriously, even if you're the grinchiest Grinch, I dare you to not smile when you look at the picture of Blue Ivy in front of the Christmas tree. It's just too perfect! Beyoncé's daughter isn't the only famous baby getting in on the Christmas fun. Keep reading to see what other festive family photos celebs shared!

Image: Beyonce/Instagram

Kelly Clarkson's Daughter

K Clarks got into the holiday spirit with her daughter River Rose. Baby River posed for her first photo on Santa’s lap and looks ecstatic about it!

Image: Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

NPH's Jingle Bell Twins

If you think this photo is cute, I have great news: It’s actually from a video of Neil Patrick Harris’s twins singing “Jingle Bells.” Be sure to check that out too!

Image: Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

Selena Claus & Her Sis

No, no, no. Selena Gomez didn’t have a baby! But she does have a ridiculously cute sister. She posted this Insta with the caption: “Sissy and I #forlife”

Image: Selena Gomez/Instagram

Snooki's Little Reindeer

The only thing more precious than a baby? A baby in a reindeer sweater, of course! Snooks and Giovanna cuddle in this cute Christmas shot.

Image: Snooki/Instagram

Snooki's Daughter... Again

Sorry, too cute to include only one photo! From the bow to the striped leggings to the reindeer sweater, my heart explodes from the cuteness.

Image: Snooki/Instagram

Blue Ivy's Tree

Despite the fact that we can’t see her face, this silhouette of Blue Ivy in front of her Christmas tree is too cute for words. Of course Queen Bey would take such a perfectly artsy photo.

Image: Beyonce/Instagram

JWoww's Baby Girl

If I included one Jersey Shore mom, I had to include her BFF JWoww. And for good reason: Meilani is SO adorable. Just look at that outfit! Do you think they make it in adult sizes, too? If so, I want one ASAP.

Image: JWoww/Instagram

Fergie's Holiday #TBT

Technically this is a throwback from 2013, but Fergie shared it in 2014, so it makes the list of adorable family photos. Just look at little Axl posing in front of the tree!

Image: Fergie/Instagram

JLo's Twins

Could Jennifer Lopez’s twins get any cuter? NOPE. Those sunglasses may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Images: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

MJH's Santa Clauses

Not one, not two, but three little Santas in Melissa Joan Hart’s family. The youngest may not have a hat, but they’re super cute regardless. The actress regrammed this shot from a recent event.

Image: Melissa Joan Hart/Instagram

Hilary Duff's Raccoon

Are raccoons holiday animals? Technically, no. But this wintery shot of little Luca was too cute to not be included! I vote Christmas raccoons should totally be a thing.

Image: Hilary Duff/Instagram

Ashlee's Festive Phone Call

Ashlee Simpson tweeted this cute pic of her calling the North Pole with her son Bronx. Too cute.

Image: Ashlee Simpson/Twitter

The Maddens' Mini Elsa

Looks like Harlow Madden is a Frozen fan, just like most 6-year-olds. Her dad Instagrammed this shopping snapshot!

Image: Joel Madden/Instagram

Merry Meredith Swift

I know, I know. Cats aren’t babies, but they’re just as cute! And Meredith is a member of the Swift family, for sure. (Despite her lack of Christmas cheer.)

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram