The 8 Outfits You'll Encounter On Christmas Day

I would swear that it was just yesterday that trees were being trimmed, stockings were being hung and the general merriment the month of December brings was just beginning to infiltrate our everyday lives. Where has the time gone? The Rockefeller tree has long been lit. Allison Williams's Peter Pan became the most Tweeted about Peter Pan ever. I have personally watched Love Actually in full at least four times. And Michael Buble successfully serenaded the whole of America via another holiday special. One Direction even sang "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, so, you know, it is officially Christmas, people! And that means Christmas fashion.

By now, dozens of cookies have been baked in preparation of exchanges and dessert indulgences, the gifts meticulously wrapped and bow-topped are under your tree (unless you are like me and will inevitably have an early morning gift-wrapping party) and Bing Crosby is cooly crooning in the background. Because yes, in my mind, all holiday celebrations are exceptionally Hallmark channel-esque. Regardless of how you and yours will spend the day celebrating (because the jolly man in the red suit has finally made his way down your chimney), it is show time!

And yet, there is still one last decision to be made before the guests arrive and the eggnog starts flowing. Whatever will we wear? It's an event with many options, but no matter what you choose to put on for the party, I know you will look festive and fabulous. And, more importantly, regardless of your chosen attire, friends and family never disappoint, exercising their right to break out their once-a-year statement pieces. As such, here are eight outfits and accessories we are certain to encounter this Christmas Day, as partially told by some of your favorite famous people!


The official Christmas sweater. It's fun, it's festive and it's sure to show up on one of your relatives this holiday. Some people wear their heart on their sleeves, others, their Christmas spirit on their chest by way of a large intarsia, needlepoint seasonal icon or 3D tree. Festive flags are flying!


As beautifully overt as they may be, Christmas sweaters aren't for everyone. Not to be outdone though, there will be plenty of color coordinated ensembles floating around today on those of us who choose to give a nod to the holiday theme. Red dress? Green sweater? Possibly an all-over seasonal print in tandem with green tights or red pants? Yeah, you're going to be photographed with a person in that outfit.


Somebody WILL wear a Santa hat. There is always somebody wearing a Santa hat. In the name of Christmas magic, I hope that person at your party is Jared Leto (and I hope you immediately message me with an urgent invitation to your home).


There is a comedian in every group, my friends, and there will certainly be someone who works in a holiday chuckle via a messaging tee or sweater today. Sip a little sangria and laugh it up.


Snowman earrings? Check. I mean, pearls look exactly like snow body parts. Jingle bell bracelet? Absolutely. Jingle all the way. We hear you coming. Whether a nutcracker necklace or a pin that looks like the bow from a present, someone's crazy cool aunt or kitschy best friend will be sporting holiday themed jewelry, at some point.


'Tis the season to wear wacky jewelry, sparkle and shine and generally get all festive with your wardrobe. However, there is always that one person whose strict all black, all the time rule is never broken, not even on the day when red is supposed to be an actual thing. Here's hoping they at least mix it up with a burgundy mani or a little sparkle.


Think pajamas are just for the night before Christmas? Think again. Your great uncle's niece or your best friend's cousin will probably show up wearing seasonally-themed loungewear. It will likely resemble a holiday mullet, crazy pajama pants on the bottom and a basic sweater on the top, but it will be Christmas comfort at its finest. You know what, though: Don't judge. If you can't find anything to wear, you could be the one to rock your nightwear through the day and preserve a bit of comfort and quirk.


Inevitably, sparkle will win out for someone attending your party this season, their outfit being head to toe sequin and shine (this would be me.) Red and green? Who needs them. Glitter is always festive in some people's eyes.

Oh, the many fashions of the holidays, how we will miss you when the season officially comes to a close in a few short days. Until then, Happy 25th of December. Enjoy the sparkle!

Images: Getty; Instagram; Tumblr/ kaylamari3