Cat Sits In Front of Yule Log and Purrs Forever

Stop what you're doing: I found something more important (unless you're eating holiday baked goods, in which case I would never ask you to stop). I know you might have just been able to settle in to watch one of the many epic holiday movies on Netflix, but let's be real here: Plots are stressful. Fictional characters require you to think. You might actually—gasp—be forced to learn a moral at the end of one of those stories, and sometimes we're all just too lazy for that kind of human thought. The solution, thankfully, is simple: instead, you can just watch this hour long video of Lil Bub the cat sitting in front of a Yule Log.

That's right, there is a full hour of an adorable cat sitting in front of the Yule Log and purring to his little heart's content. In case you are not familiar with internet sensation Lil Bub the cat, he is basically too precious for words, and has inspired people all over the world by overcoming his disabilities and helping advocate for pet adoption. That, and he just has the kind of kitty face that basically reflects your own soul when you look into it. This Yule Log video is totally giving Grumpy Cat's Christmas movie a run for its money.

I think this video is especially important for those of us who have family members with cat allergies. Even if you'll probably never have an actual cat in the house, being able to pretend Lil Bub is part of your family will make your holidays that much merrier and brighter. So sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of endless purring from Lil Bub, who appreciates the need for a good cat nap every bit as much as you do:

Image: YouTube