New Year's Resolutions for People Who Love Cheese

by Chrissa Hardy

Never has there been a meal that has tasted worse after adding cheese. As cheese lovers, we know this delightful ingredient can take any dish to the next level of nom with just a dash, a few crumbles, or a pinch of the grated variety — which is why if you're the type to make New Year's resolutions, don't forget to work in a few about your one true love, cheese. Because we are not folks who eat to live, we live to eat. Cheese makes any food richer, more satisfying, and more complete. And you know how pizza is always good, even if it actually tastes kind of terrible? Credit goes to the cheese. The superhero of the edible world, cheese can and will always save the day.

So even though your love for cheese is widely known and well-established, how should you incorporate this zest for cheddar, this need for brie, into your goals for 2015? All the things that make you happy should continue to do so into the new year. They should really become a significant part of your life until that happiness fades, if it ever does. This year, make a little more time for cheese in your day-to-day activities. Here are some perfect New Year's resolutions for you, cheese lovers, to continue your cheesy love of cheese well into the second half of this decade.

1. Eat more cheese.

First and foremost.

2. Go for cheese quality over quantity.

Gone are the days of filling up on discount cheese-product in a tube. Treat Yo Self to a fancy block, found in the classy part of the deli.

3. Try a new cheesy recipe.

Like this gooey baked mac and cheese recipe from The Crepes of Wrath.

Or, just go with Regina George's lunchtime default.

4. Check cholesterol levels at some point, just to be safe.

Not to be a downer, but awareness is important and cheese can really mess with cholesterol numbers. Get your annual blood work done so you know for sure that you can continue inhaling mozzarella and Colby Jack with reckless abandon.

5. Exercise regularly.

Part of making this cheese-lationship last is through balance. In order to continue this dairy-based love, you need to make sure you're also eating all the healthy stuff and doing all the exercise, in order to keep your body in tip top shape for eating all the cheese.

6. Identify your spirit cheese.

Are you sharp and at your best in the cold? Do you have a tough exterior with a soft, gooey center? Are you the heart and soul of your crew, but also a little smelly? If you answered yes to one of these, then you might be Monterey Jack, Camembert, or Blue. But if you don't relate to any of those, there are hundreds of cheeses out there, so you will definitely find your match.

7. Try a new cheese and wine/beer pairing.

Expand that palate with wine or beer pairings.

8. Throw a dinner party where every course includes cheese.

The apps, the tre-tres, the sides, and the zerts — make it all with cheese. Your guests will leave as very proud parents to their blossoming food babies.

9. Build something out of cheese cubes.

Because adults can do whatever they want, including play with their food.

10. Go on a cheese-related vacation.

Find a region or location that produces a certain kind of cheese, and go there to see the sights and all that. But also? EAT.

11. Find your night cheese... and work on it.

Just as our Queen of Cheese would.

Image: tambako/Flickr; Mac & Cheese/Crepes of Wrath; Liz Lemon/Tumblr, Giphy (11)