9 Cool Things Kids Have Said About Death

Kids say some pretty interesting and crazy things. And just when they blow your mind with something completely and totally insane, they do it again a few minutes later. Sometimes, it doesn’t make any sense; sometimes, it makes perfect sense; and sometimes, they make you realize that despite their small amount of time here on earth, they actually have things way more figured out than we, as adults, do. That especially goes for what kids have to say about death.

When my nephews’ aunt passed away earlier this year, it was their first experience with death. As much as my sister is an atheist who doesn’t believe in heaven, it was far easier to tell the boys that their aunt was in heaven where she was free from the pain of her sickness (cancer), and that everything in heaven is perfect … to which my four-year-old nephew, Elliot, responded that he couldn’t wait to get to heaven, too, because “it sounds just like my favorite playground with the red slides.” My sister told him he had quite a bit of living to do before he could go to heaven.

We asked some Bustle readers what the kids in their life have said about death and the afterlife, and, not too surprisingly, they had some pretty insightful things to say. Here are some Bustle readers on the coolest things they've heard kids say about death.

1. "I'm Not Surprised"

"My cousin, upon being told her grandfather died (she was nine at the time), said 'I'm not surprised, his body didn't look like it would last much longer,' with the same indifference as someone being told their car was a write-off at a mechanic."

2. It's Like a Battery

"When we told my son that his grandfather had passed away, without missing a beat he said, 'A body is like a battery. It eventually runs out of power.'"

3. There's Most Definitely Shopping in Heaven

"My son told me, 'I'm not scared of dying because dad said that heaven will be a happy place. I've decided I'll go to Target everyday to get a new toy.'"

4. Dogs Don't Die, Because Obviously

"[She said] Zoe (the family dog) didn't die, mom. She's right here on the couch where she's supposed to be. Dogs never die, because we love them."

5. Actually, No One Dies At All

"Every time we have to go over the whole death thing, Noah always says, over and over as if he's trying to convince himself, 'No one ever really does because they live in our hearts always.'"

6. Clouds Are Trampolines

"My daughter has said, 'I believe in god because he lives in the clouds and I would like to bounce on those clouds.'"

7. It's All Over After College

"When my half-sister was five years old she got really emotional when I told her I was graduating from college saying, 'But you'll die soon. People always die when they grow up.' She was right in a lot of ways."

8. Granola Bars Should Be Involved

"I overheard one of my first grade students say, 'I think that we should remember Nana's death today with granola bars during snack time. Nana really loved granola bars.'"

9. School = Death

"If I wanted to die, I'd just go to school everyday instead of just some days."

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