Pitbull's NYE Performance On Fox Started 2015 Off On A Bad Note

The clock has struck midnight in the East Coast and it's finally 2015. Let's celebrate with a Pitbull concert! Oh wait, that's not how you'd choose to ring in a New Year? Yeah, me either. But that's exactly what we got with the Pitbull's New Year Revolution on Fox. I can't say I'm not surprised, though I was hoping for something a little more exciting to happen — like dropping Pitbull like they drop the ball in Times Square maybe? I thought they'd at least drop a pineapple in the Pineapple. But alas, the Pitbull concert began before midnight and lasted until well after with little interruption at midnight, making this one of the least exciting NYE celebrations of all times.

I wish the networks would get the hint that Pitbull/Mr. 305/Mr. Worldwide is not someone people like to watch. First of all the guy goes by three names and refers to himself by all three. Seriously, dude – pick one. Secondly, he has very few songs of his own. Sure, he's featured in many songs, but I can't name any song that is solely by Pitbull. It's hard for him to put on a concert because of this. It's not very exciting to listen to someone sing backup live while the main parts are being sung by a CD. Lastly, Pitbull just isn't relevant anymore. If this were NYE 2010 things may have been different. But in 2015, he is just not what people want to watch.

Aside from the full-length NYE concert of every old "Featuring Pitbull" song that you forgot existed, Pitbull's hosting fell flat. The bulk of the hosting fell to his co-host LaLa Anthony, who compensated very well in his absence. Mr. 305 would show up every once in a while to be the subject of a magic trick or slip on stage, but he was rarely present aside from that. The other performers were more in demand and delivered much better performances than the host himself. If Fox chooses to continue their New Year's Revolution they should definitely abandon the dated Miami man and opt for a more current Latin star. Jennifer Lopez, maybe?

Here's to a happy, healthy, and Pitbull-less 2015! Happy New Year!