6 Breathtaking Scenes From New 'Cinderella' Teaser

Proving that a New Year's Eve celebration isn't the only way to have a magical midnight experience, Disney released a new trailer for Cinderella on Thursday, just as the clock struck 12. At first, I was slightly embarrassed for reacting like a Disney princess fangirl, but I can't help it. Everything about this movie looks simply ah-mazing and I am all the way here for it. Needless to say, Cinderella's March 13 release date cannot come quickly enough.So, thanks to the other Cinderella trailers that have been released, we're already privy to quite a bit of what goes down in the first version of the classic story to be based on the original Disney film. Honestly, there's so much to see that I found my eyes wandering all over the place and I even paused the trailer multiple times in order to soak up all the gorgeous details, like the stunning dresses worn by the cast, the famous glass slippers (which are actually comfortable, according to the Fairy Godmother), and the all gold everything pumpkin. Basically, the visuals are awesome and just might cause you to inhale sharply several times while viewing this clip. I needed a few minutes to recover from all the suspense, but as a courtesy (and a warning), here are 6 of the most breathtaking moments from the new Cinderella trailer:

Cinderella's Transformation

Who can breathe at a time like this?!

Cinderella's Face as the Clock Strikes Midnight

It's as if you can see the glitter begin to vanish from her tresses. This is almost like being caught in traffic on the way to work with less than five minutes to spare, except the outcome is much more terrifying.

Prince Charming Holds the Glass Slipper

For the record, my shallow breathing has nothing to do with how good Richard Madden looks in this shot.

Lady Tremaine Finds the Glass Slipper

Um, jealous much? Anyway, I can hardly handle all the drama this glass slipper brings.

The Evil Stepsisters Try On the Glass Slipper

Because everyone knows that shortness of breath is a side effect of ill-fitting shoes.

Lady Tremaine Breaks the Glass Slipper

NO. She. Didn't. I think my heart just stopped.

Whew...is anyone else extremely winded? If you can bear it, watch the new Cinderella trailer in its entirety for even more breathtaking moments.

Images: Disney (6)