6 Words For Your Best Fashion Year Yet

On New Year's Eve, one of my best friends sent me a text and told me I needed to pick one word for 2015 that I hoped would define my year, and proceed to write it down on a piece of paper; she would do the same. Because I have a belief that words truly do have the power to change our world, I was naturally up for this seemingly simple yet personally meaningful tradition. However, selecting my word proved to be quite difficult at first. I have been known to be slightly verbose (obviously a more polite way of saying I tend to ramble) and often become easily invested in certain symbolisms and superstitions. So, with only a single word to spare, I had to ensure it was a good one. It would carry me through the coming 365 days, after all. Subsequent to much consideration of words like “happiness,” “love,” “yes,” “dream,” and “accomplishment,” I landed on a word that I feel is the foundation for all the others I mulled over. On my piece of paper you will find the word "courage." So this year, I will do all things with courage.

As you can see, the symbolism of this new year’s exercise was not lost on me. I love how one small grouping of letters with no obviously special qualities can become extraordinary and meaningful when chosen as your own — an identifier for your year. I am also partial to the way my chosen word connects me to other yearly word choosers. Like I said, the power of language is unique and wonderful.

Coincidentally, aren’t these also some of the same qualities we love about fashion? Clothes can be simple, like when we just have to have that shirt because it sparkles (every single time). But on-point personal style or that "just right" pair of jeans also have the ability — just like words — to empower and connect us. So perhaps fabulous fashion comes from the right perspective, then. As we embark on a new year, let's throw our superstitions into a game of fashion word association — beginning with six words I hope define our 2015 style evolution.


This year, I hope we choose acceptance over comparison, and that we love and learn to dress the bodies we have. Rock the trends that work for you and leave the rest behind. Being you is beautiful.


May 2015 be the year we develop or continue to evolve our own personal style. As they say, fashion fades, but style is forever. This year, I hope we follow the trends we love and are bold and unique enough to create a few of our own.


With a new year, I hope we try new things — for better or for worse. I hope the next 12 months are filled with perfectly imperfect pairings and chance taking. Let 2015 be the year we mix and match, twist the trends and forget the rules a few times. Perfection is at its finest on the runway, but quite boring in real life, no? There are no mistakes in the pursuit of personality.


Oh, fast fashion, how it has quickly consumed us over the last decade. I am not pronouncing that we swear off the Zara's and the H&M's of the world (what a crime that would be!), but I do hope we invest in one or two iconic pieces in the coming months. In the name of personal style, let us forgo ten uber trendy purchases at some point this year for one staple that makes us feel like we belong on the cover of Vogue.


Live colorfully this year! Pick a pop color, a signature color, any color and carry it through the new year. All black, all the time is safe, but I hope this year you move outside your comfort zone, even if it's just a brightly hued bag. So what if the whole world seems to be in black and white? I hope you show up in screaming color (see what I did there? I had to get at least one Taylor Swift reference in!).


There are a great deal of things in life that are average and practical, and I do not believe fashion should be one of them. This year, I hope you reserve a portion of your closet for the impractical: The highest stiletto, the sparkliest, most sequin-encrusted trousers and that one OTT, statement-making dress that may have to wait for an invitation to be worn. Impracticality can be special and I hope fashion makes us feel exceptional at least a couple times this year.

These are just my words though ladies — my hopes for our best collective fashion year yet. Whatever your word is, may it help you evolve your individual, undoubtedly dazzling style in 2015.

Images: Author; Tumblr/karshanandrea; dailyglamorous; nastygal; queendearie; corporatetrendiness; cosmopolitanmagazine