Chris Pratt and Anna Farris Celebrated New Year's Eve in the Greatest Way Possible

I think I spent the majority of 2014 plotting to trick Chris Pratt and Anna Faris into adopting my full-grown self, a need that became a million percent more vital to my existence when a recent tweet revealed that they are hardcore Seahawks fans (REPRESENT). And now it looks like this plan of mine will be extending into 2015, judging by the awesome way Chris Pratt and Anna Farris celebrated New Year's, which Farris documented with a series of live tweets that put whatever the hell you did the other night to shame. Spoiler alert: it involves fried bread.

There are already so many reasons to love this couple that I know I run the risk of exploding a few brains with awesome overload by sharing these tweets, but that is collateral damage we're all going to have to accept. Because when Pratt isn't saving the universe as Star-Lord and Farris isn't busy owning cable on the sitcom Mom , they host throwdowns so chill that we can only aspire to be like them. There is only so much I am willing to do for a Klondike bar, but there is pretty much nothing I wouldn't do to get an invite to next year's holiday party. Here is Farris's account of their delicious and eventful night:

Pratt chimed in with his own account of the year:

If I can't get adopted by them by the end of 2015, my new life goal will be to marry someone who makes pizza and fried bread with me. And also to get bangs as bangin' as Anna Farris's. That's not too much to ask from the universe, right?!