Allison Williams Covers 'Glamour' Mag's Hair Issue, Plus 5 Times Her Strands Were the Shiniest Things on Planet Earth

It's a pretty sweet year so far for magazines: Allison Williams is on the cover of Glamour 's February edition, otherwise known as the hair issue — and for good reason. While her name is becoming more common in households because of her roles as Marnie on Girls and Peter Pan in the live version, it's Williams's hair that I've been recently fascinated with.

It is the shiniest thing I've ever seen. And I wear a gold ring everyday. It seems to stay shiny no matter how she wears it. Up, down, straight, curled or short like Peter Pan, the shine is there to stay. I must know her secret (Allison, do you wash, rinse and repeat, like the bottle suggests?)

In her interview, Williams opens up about public scrutiny of her looks. The criticisms aren't on her hair, but about her weight. She told the reporter that being scrutinized about her weight drives her crazy. Williams claims the tabloids of thinking it's easier to say she's anorexic than simply has a high metabolism, then assures fans she does not deprive herself of anything. Especially good hair products.

Because I like to focus on the positives of celebrities, I've put together a list of five times Williams hair was shinier than anything else on this planet. And Allison, I'd appreciate it if you'd share your secrets.

1. At the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Williams had an improptu Q&A at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, yet her hair was ready for action. And even though it's in an low updo, we can still see that shine all over.

2. On the Cover of Allure Magazine

It turns out Glamour isn't the only magazine that wants to recognize the Girls star for her hair. Williams was on the cover of Allure this past December. In the issue, the magazine referred to Williams hair as "something out of a fairytale. Or a really expensive wig store." We know those locks are real.

3. When It's Straight and Parted Down the Middle

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you kidding me? This is my daily look and I can't pull the shine off like this. There's literally nothing she can do to hide any sort of magic product that turns almost her hair into mirror when it's just straight.

4. When It's Short

Proving that playing Peter Pan has always been her calling, Williams posted this photo of her when she dressed as Peter Pan at 2.5-years-old to today, playing the boy-who-won't-grow-up on Broadway. This image is twofold: she's had shiny hair since she was born and she has shiny hair when she plays a magical boy.

5. As Marnie on Girls

Even her TV character can't turn the shine off. Marnie's hair on Girls is actually when my friends and I first noticed Williams amazing shiny hair. And now it's something we have to bring up every time we binge watch the show.

Images: Allison Williams/Instagram; Allure; Getty; Allison Williams/Instagram; HBO