The Channing Tatum Mega-Role Checklist

When it comes to making movies, Channing Tatum is truly a jack of all trades, a Renaissance Man, if you will. Essentially, the guy is in everything and no one is ever mad about it because Channing Tatum is quite possibly the world's most charming human who gets away with wearing sweatpants in public... in Los Angeles. His next big project will round out his complete Hollywood takeover by FINALLY putting him in a role he has shockingly not yet played: a comic book superhero. Channing Tatum will be Gambit in 2016's X-Men spin-off Gambit. The announcement made huge waves because it will the the third X-Men film being released in 2016 along with X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool. No pressure, Chan, no presh.

If there's anyone who can handle the mutant powers of controlling energy with his touch it's Tatum IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Gambit is also known for his, shall we say, prowess with the lady folk, so it's no surprise Marvel chose the King of Pelvic Thrusting and Sexy Winking. With Gambit soon to be under his belt, Channing Tatum will have nearly completed the ultimate Hollywood Genre checklist.

From teen romances to big-budget action films with lots of things that go POW POW, Tatum truly is the most versatile actor in the business. Take a look:

Nicholas Sparks Dreamboat: Check

That HAIR, Channing.

Blockbuster Comedy: Check

Jenko was truly the role he was born to play.

Blockbuster Comedy's Even More Successful Sequel: Check Check

23 Jump Street can't come soon enough.

Critically-Acclaimed Animated Film: Check

Does Lego Superman count as his first superhero role?

Oscar Buzz: Check

Expect plenty more Foxcatcher group hugs this awards season.

Teen Dance Flick: Checkity Check Check

The shirt is forgivable because AWWWW these two got married and had a precious wee babe IRL.

Shakespearean-Inspired Teen Flick: Check

A little bit of gratuitous shirtlessness never hurt anyone.

Explosive Action Movie Where the President Needs Saving: Check

I would trust the President's life to the bulging muscles of Mr. Tatum.

Cartoon-Turned Mega Action Movie: Check


Stripper With a Heart of Gold Cinematic Masterpiece: ALL OF THE CHECKS

God bless you, Channing Tatum. A real American hero.

Genres Still Left to Fulfill

  1. Presidential Rom-Com
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movie
  3. A Tim Burton Claymation Project
  4. A Blockbuster Horror Movie
  5. SNL Sketch Turned Major Motion Picture
  6. Disney Prince
  7. Action Movie That Takes Place on an Airplane
  8. Stripper Superhero
  9. Stripper Chef Rom-Com
  10. Stripper Who Teaches Young People the Importance of Poetry and Makes Them Quit Gangs

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