Taylor Swift Wins Favorite Female Artist at the People's Choice Awards & Absolutely No One Is Surprised

2014 was a banner year for female artists. A quick glance at the biggest hits of the past year proves that female artists were on top, but who is the People's Choice Awards' Favorite Female Artist? With so many names to choose from, I do not even know how it was narrowed down to five artists. The nominees were Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Sia. I cannot argue with any of that. With so many talented women coming off a banner year, it was an especially impressive victory for Taylor Swift, who won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Artist.

Let's look back at just how much each of these women accomplished in the past year. Beyonce dropped that secret album and the Beyhive went crazy for an entire year. Iggy dominated the summer with her song and music video for "Fancy". Katy Perry's success led her to be chosen as the Super Bowl halftime performer. Sia's song "Chandelier" was on loop all the time. Taylor Swift's 1989 was the only album that went platinum this year. On top of that, Swift was the first artist to knock herself off the top spot on Billboard charts, with her single "Blank Space" stealing number one from "Shake it Off." Yes, this past year was great for female artists, but the year really belonged to Swift. She owned every awards show, and with this win, that streak seems to be continuing into 2015.

Swift is pretty infamous for that "Awe shucks, I'm so surprised!" acceptance speech and I guess she was tired of doing that, since she wasn't present for the awards tonight. Good for her, being a superstar keeps her pretty busy, she has to choose her commitments carefully. The People's Choice Awards actually didn't air her category, announcing her win online after the show ended instead. If you were hoping to see one of those acceptance speeches, however, don't worry — I doubt this will be the last award Swift wins this year.