What Would Cameron & Benji's Baby Look Like?

by Marenah Dobin

I still cannot believe that Cameron Diaz actually got married to Benji Madden. That just seemed so random to me. Cameron Diaz was always very adamant about not needing to get married or have a child to be a fulfilled woman. Now, a mere three days after that surprise wedding, there are rumors circulating that Cameron Diaz really wants to be a mom — allegedly. I know nothing is confirmed yet, but let's take a look at what Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden's baby would look like. If for no other reason than face morph pictures being hilarious.

But before we get to that, here's how things are said to have gone down. According to E! Online, "She told Benji she really wants a baby. And he said, ‘Well, marry me.’ He’s old-fashioned… Marriage was important to him." So did she not really want to get married? Interesting development. It is also not too surprising considering her thoughts on marriage in the past.

So to get back to this baby. I wonder if they are already trying to conceive. Will they have a baby? If so, when will they have a baby? More importantly, what will this baby look like? I can kind of picture it in my head, but I know an infant can't actually pop out of the womb with a sleeve full of tattoos and blonde highlights, so I guess my vision is a little unrealistic.

To get what I hoped would be a more accurate picture, I put photos of the two newlyweds into three baby generator websites to make some predictions about what baby Diaz-Madden could look like. Check out the possibilities.

Cameron & Benji's Baby via Baby Maker


I don't know if it's just me, but all I'm seeing when I look at this baby is a mini Nicole Richie. Am I the only one who see that? It's especially weird given that Benji Madden's brother Joel is married to Richie. Eerie.


I do not think that this infant looks like them at all. He does have Madden's ears and some pretty lips, but I do not see a doppelgänger here.

Cameron & Benji's Baby via Morph Thing


We are getting a little more on track with this one. I can see this little cutie as their daughter. Is she wearing a hair net though? I'm a little confused by that, but I'll let it slide.


Again, I don't really understand what is happening with the hair here, but this is a cute boy. He really does look like a good mix of the two possible parents.

Cameron & Benji's Baby via Make Me Babies


I'm not sure how I feel about the hat, but this baby does look a lot like Benji Madden in my opinion. It also looks like she has some bronzer on her cheeks. Very Cameron Diaz, if you ask me.


Why is this baby wearing a tie? So Avril Lavigne circa 2002. Regardless, this baby does look a lot like Benji Madden...at this age though. Kind of strange, but I do see it.

Cameron & Joel's Baby via Baby Maker

I decided to have a little fun with the baby generator. What if I put Cameron Diaz's photo in with a picture of Benji Madden's twin brother Joel Madden. I have to admit that this is a super cute baby.

Cameron & Drew Barrymore's Baby via Baby Maker

What if Cameron Diaz had a baby with her bestie Drew Barrymore? Considering Diaz wanting to have a baby with Madden is just a rumor anyway, why not really go wild? If that was possible, this is what she might look like.

So this might not have been the most "scientific" research, but it did turn out some funny results. And hey, if they do end up having a baby, we'll get to compare and contrast some actual photos with the results from the baby generators.

Image: Getty Images (5); MorphThing (2); MakeMeBabies (2); BabyMaker (4)