6 Wishes for 'Wet Hot American Summer' Netflix Series

It's happening! It's happening! The murmurs were true! One of the greatest movies about summer camp is being turned into an eight episode TV series! And the original cast is on board! No, it's not Sleepaway Camp (though I would TOTALLY watch that show). Friday, Deadline reported that filming hath commenced on a limited Netflix series based on Wet Hot American Summer. David Wain and Michael Showalter, aka the geniuses behind the 2001 comedy, are at the show's helm. YES YES YES YES YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE.

After I read this news, I promptly started creating my wish list for the WHAS reboot. Here's what I have so far:

I hope EVERYONE returns

According to Deadline, "virtually its entire ensemble cast" will be back for the limited WHAS series. Virtually? VIRTUALLY? AUGHHH. I'm pulling for that "virtually" to change to "100% of."

I hope it doesn’t suck

Do I think it'll suck? No way.

"But hey," says that nagging voice that lurks around in the back of my mind. "Stranger things have happened."

Hey, nagging voice? Go fondue the cheddar.

I hope Arty's showering issues are addressed

No kid has ever hated bathing as much as Arty does. What's his deal? What's his beef with showering?

I hope it really is a prequel

Rather than flash-forward 10+ years in the WHAS world (a la Dumb and Dumber Too), it sounds like this reboot will be a prequel to the movie. The same group of actors will star in a prequel to a movie they filmed nearly 15 years ago. They'll be playing teens and 20-year-olds. Love it love it love it.

I hope Christopher Meloni sticks with the crop tops

And I wouldn't be mad if the crop tops got smaller every episode. Like, if Gene's t-shirt ended up nothing more than a ribbed collar necklace by the series finale, I'd be cool with that.

I hope the can of vegetables finds love...

livertox on YouTube

...Or whatever it might be that brings him happiness.

Image: Eureka Pictures