'Finding Carter' Season 2 Premiere Date Is Revealed & It's Going To Be a Long, Max-Less Winter

Can you believe it's been almost four months since MTV's Finding Carter aired that explosive first season finale? It feels like way longer, but that might just be because I miss Max every single day. Since that crazy episode, MTV has kept pretty quiet about its breakout hit, but finally on Saturday night, the network delivered what we've all been waiting for: a date. Finding Carter Season 2 will premiere on March 31, according to the show's official Facebook page, and I don't know if I should jump for joy or go cry in a corner.

On the one hand, I'm beyond thrilled that the show is coming back this spring, as I feared Season 2 would debut over the summer like Finding Carter's series premiere. But on the other, March 31 just feels so far away, especially when you remember how Season 1 ended — with Lori kidnapping Carter AGAIN, just when Carter had finally bonded with Elizabeth and the rest of her birth family. But that wasn't the only shocking plotline that we're waiting to see picked up in Season 2.

There are a ton of questions that Finding Carter needs to answer when it returns for another 12-episode season. What's the deal with David and Lori? Did they date? Is she his crazy stalker? Is the answer so insane there's no way fans could possibly predict it? Then there are the infinite questions and tears that come when you think about Max and Taylor's break up. Will they get back together? Will Max even be on the show when it returns? Then there are the smaller questions that have nonetheless been weighing on me since Season 1 ended, like just what exactly is going to push Grant over the edge and send him on a crazy path of his own? And will I get the pleasure of seeing Crash in jail for shooting Max, or will there never be justice for the character with TV's best hair?

All Finding Carter fans need these answers, and hopefully we'll get at least some of them (or even parts of them) on March 31.

Image: Finding Carter/Facebook