Harvey Guillen on his Dream Role in 'Eye Candy'

MTV introduces a darker side of its network with the addition of Eye Candy , a thriller TV series that examines the very realistic horrors that can exist behind a computer screen. Victoria Justice plays the show's lead, Lindy, a tech genius who works to track down a deadly cyber-stalker. But Lindy doesn't go at it alone, she has the help of her friend George, played by Harvey Guillen, who in an interview with Bustle, describes the Lindy and George relationship as a sort of Sherlock and Watson or Batman and Robin-type partnership. "They compliment each other because they can see something the other one doesn't, and two brains are better than one. Can you imagine two amazing hackers together, the power they'd have?" Guillen says.

And while the combined power the two hackers have might be scary in a way, Guillen assures that George and Lindy have positive aims. "George is a genius, and he knows he is. He uses his power for good with Lindy," he says. The truly terrifying aspect of the show rests on the other side of the computer screen, the cyber-stalker and serial killer who hunts virtually.

When I ask Guillen if he has the same skill set as his hacker character George does, he says, "I have to admit, I'm not as savvy as George." He explains that they did training on all of the tech verbiage that goes along with the character, but his tech-savviness ends with "I can log onto Facebook and like your picture."

A key player in the Eye Candy family is lead Victoria Justice, who Guillen has become extremely close to since they filmed the first pilot in November of 2013 (look at either of their Instagram accounts to see how cute their friendship is). "She is the nicest, nicest person I have ever worked with, just the sweetest," Guillen gushes over his co-star. "I have so much love and respect for her, she is like my sister."

Guillen, who has appeared in The Internship, Huge, and Nickelodeon's The Thundermans, along with other projects, considers this role a dream come true. "I love scary stuff like Insidious, and we're so lucky to work with Jason, who is just the king of horror right now," Harvey says of Eye Candy's executive producer Jason Blum, who has produced films such as Insidious, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity.

Further adding to the show's horror pedigree is the fact that it was adapted from Goosebumps patriarch R.L. Stine's book of the same name. "I actually got to have dinner with R.L. Stine not too long ago... It's like my dream come true," Guillen says.

If you're as excited to watch Eye Candy as Guillen was to star in it, be sure to catch the premiere on Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Image: MTV