This 'Celeb Apprentice' Was Your Mom's Dream Dude

You're fired! Once again, we're hearing that famous phrase coined by Donald Trump on NBC every Monday night. That's right, it's another season of Celebrity Apprentice filled with drama, charity donating, and many familiar and not-so-familiar faces. One of those faces includes actor Lorenzo Lamas. Some of you might be asking: "Who?" Yes, Lamas isn't a very well-known celeb, at least today, but back in the day he was one hunk starring in several popular movies and TV shows, including one that made John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John huge stars. You know what I'm talking about. (Grease. I'm talking about Grease.)

Well, now that Celebrity Apprentice is sucking in viewers (ahem... me), it's time that we get to know the contestants. So, I've taken it upon myself to teach you about Lamas, his fame, his acting skills, and his family, who are also known for the reality world. That's right, the Lamas' aren't strangers to starring as themselves on the small screen.

Now that we've seen Lamas cook up some pies in the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice, direct Kevin Jonas' commercial, and go toe-to-toe with Geraldo Rivera, let's learn a bit more about the once famous actor and now reality star turning it up on the Peacock network.

He Got Teased by Danny Zuko & the T-Birds

You're the one that I want! That wasn't the case for Lamas in the '70s-hit Grease, especially since he starred as preppy geek Tom Chisum. He might have worn those Rydell High letters proudly and even went out on a date with Sandy, but Tom didn't seal the deal with the leading lady. However, he did end up doing the hand jive with Patty Simcox. Note: in the above clip, you'll see Lamas showing off his dance moves throughout the clip, but if you scroll to the 2:30 mark, you'll get to see him hand out yearbooks. Hint: he's on the right wearing a stylish all-white ensemble.

He Was a Golden Globe Nominee

For those who were fans of the primetime soap opera Falcon Crest, you'll remember Lamas as Lance Cumson. For 228 episodes, Lamas portrayed the playboy character, which earned him a Golden Globe nom in 1983 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV. Unfortunately, he lost out to Lionel Stander from Hart to Hart.

His Daughter Was on The Bachelor

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now, Lamas wasn't on the ABC dating show himself, but his daughter Shayne Lamas was, so I think it's worth noting. She ended up winning her season (The Bachelor: London Calling) and was chosen by Englishman Matt Grant. Like most Bachelor couples, Shayne and Matt ended up calling off their engagement.

He Got His Soap On, Again

From 2004 to 2006, Lamas went back to his soap opera roots by starring in The Bold and the Beautiful. He played the role of Hector Ramirez for 191 episodes, who got himself into a lot of trouble and tragic situations.

He Embraced His Cop Side

In the '90s, Lamas starred as Reno Raines in Renegade. Here's a little taste of Lamas as the tough cop, aka talk about one dramatic opening with a deep-voiced narrator. If you were wondering, yes, the opening credits include Lamas dumping a jug of water over his half-naked body. The show also featured Lamas' third wife, Kathleen Kinmont.

He Had His Own Reality Show

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2009, Lamas and his family starred in their own reality show, Leave It to Lamas , on E! It was short-lived, but it sure did shine a light on the Lamas family, including the fact that Lamas didn't even really want to do the show. He told EW.com, “The only reason I decided to do the show was to help my daughter with her career. That’s it. That’s why I agreed to do the show, that’s why I’m putting myself out there.”

I guess he figured it was time to put himself out there once more, eh?

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