Can New 'Diana' Trailer Combat Critics?

Though the second trailer for Diana — the upcoming biopic about the Princess of Wales starring Naomi Watts — favored the pubic figure's romantic drama, the second trailer for the film gets down to business. (Perhaps following critic backlash?) The first minute of the new spot showcases much more of Diana's work within the royal family, proving Diana will, in fact, portray the princess as more than just a beloved adulterer. But how will they fit in all the relevant details of Diana's life? After all, the trailer also broaches her love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan (Lost's Naveen Andrews) and Dodi Fayed (Cas Anvar), as well as the constant paparazzi presence that the trailer suggests Diana often coordinated and manipulated herself. There may just be too much ground to cover to give Diana a fair shake.

Especially with the tagline, "The only thing more incredible than the life she led was the secret she kept." Clearly, the film's producers are drawn in by the drama of Diana's existence — and are banking on audiences feeling the same way, which might be why many critics have labeled the effort as "cheap." Of course, we'll never really know how true to life Diana will be with its titular character deceased — but the film doesn't start off on the right foot when Diana exclaims, "Well, I'm like most people. I have a mobile." Most people? In the mid-'90s? Check your facts, guys.