'Wet Hot American Summer' Netflix Series Adds Stars From 'Mad Men' & 'The Good Wife' to an Already Awesome Cast

The original cast of the 2001 cult favorite comedy Wet Hot American Summer was notoriously epic. Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper as theater counselors, Paul Rudd mackin' all over Elizabeth Banks, Chris Meloni gettin' hella weird about his sweaters. So when the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series with the entire original cast was announced, it was pretty impressive. Now we've got more impressive news from the upcoming revival: WHAS is adding even more people to its massive ensemble.

Deadline reports that the impending Netlix series has added a whole bunch of awesome names on top of the list of awesome names who starred in the original. Joining up this time around are The Interview 's Randall Park (he played Kim Jong-un), Mad Men's John Sattery, The Good Wife's Josh Charles, SNLer/Trophy Wifer Michaela Watkins, Glee's Jayma Mayes, In A World star Lake Bell, The League's Paul Scheer, Transparent's Rob Huebel, and The West Wing's Richard Schiff.

It all goes to show that this Wet Hot American Summer comeback will be just as raucous and jampacked an ode to comedy as the original was. It also seems to indicate that it will open its doors to people who aren't necessarily as known for being comedians — a la Charles or Slattery, who have definitely done comedy in the past but who are also coming off of relatively Serious shows. Maybe they'll take up some Chris Meloni weirdness while they're there.

We still don't know a whole lot about this reboot — such as whether it will be set in 1981 like the original, or if it will be at the original's summer camp. But this cast promises one thing: There'll always be a familiar face to cling to when things get crazy. And things definitely will.

Image: USA Films