Is Christina Milian Dating Lil Wayne? The Singer's Latest Response Gives Only a Hint

Ever since Christina Milian was spotted holding hands with Lil Wayne way back in July, rumors have flown that the reality star and the rapper are in a relationship. Although the duo have never confirmed that they're dating, there've been enough affectionate photos and musical collaborations in the past few months to suggest a close bond, and the fact that they've never actually denied it, either, doesn't exactly help clear things up. While the exact state of their relationship is still unknown, a recent interview by Milian makes one thing certain: whether they're romantically involved or not, Wayne and the Turned Up star are certainly a bit closer than your average pair.

In an interview with released on Monday, Milian spoke about her rumored relationship with the rapper in typically vague fashion.

"I really respect him and enjoy working with him," she said. "We’ve definitely grown closer in the last few months... people definitely see us around a lot together (laughs), but we have a very cool relationship. I think it’s a relationship to be protected because the world has something to say about everything. If it’s something worth anything, I think it’s best to enjoy and live for yourself. So yeah, that’s probably the best answer I can give you (laughs)."

Not exactly solving the mystery, but it's still more of an answer than anything fans have gotten since the pair were first spotted hanging out. Back in November, Milian had described her fellow "Start a Fire" singer as her "partner in crime," and until now, that was about the most conclusive response she'd given to the question of their relationship.

Perhaps more will be revealed once Milian's E! docuseries, Christina Milian Turned Up, premieres on Sunday; the series is said to be following the singer's life and career, and Wayne is set to be featured on several songs on her upcoming new album. You can bet that he'll show up on the show in one way or another, whether it's putting the relationship rumors to rest or doing something — say, another intimate performance of "Start a Fire?" – that ignites them even further.