What 12 Historical Couples Would Wear On V-Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, I find my thoughts drifting more and more towards the notion of love. For me, love comes in all forms, shapes, shades and sizes. There is the love you have for your work, where the opportunity for personal opinion, expression, and creativity can be found in abundance (if you're lucky enough to be doing something you love to do, as I am — writing and fashion have always been profound passions of mine). There is the love we have for our pets, for no force can separate a woman from her cat, after all. There is the love we have for our family and friends — since quite often the two are one and the same, as friends are the family we choose. And then, of course, there is the love we have for our partners: Romantic, inspiring, and quite often, consuming.

Growing up, I often dreamed of falling in love — but really, didn't we all? And don't we all still? Love seems to be the driving force by which we live our lives. It's the buried treasure we dedicate ourselves to uncover: The gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes we find it, and it drifts in and then out of our lives; and other times, if we're lucky, love remains a constant, steady security. I have experienced all these different types of love, and I have suffered at the hands of each. But I have also been filled with the effervescent light, warmth and bliss present when it's right.

I am blessed to be in an extremely happy, supportive, and (cheese-factor-warning, everyone) beautifully blissful relationship with a man who is not only an amazing lover, but also my best friend. Sometimes, we tend to take these things for granted. But I am not one of those people. Love has always been too important to me and held too much weight in my happiness. So I'm reminded of this happiness every single day, when my mind wanders to that hopeless-romantic place that is my inner self, and I realize all over again that I've found what I've been looking for.

We, as humans, love the notion of love. We are obsessed with it, and with good reason — as it's one of the greatest things about life itself. When we look back into our history, love seems to be the one thing that famously sticks out as constant inspiration to us all. Or rather, famous historical couples and their love stories do. We've all grown up with these tales: The ones that inspire us, shape and model our own desires and our search for the exact same thing. I have been inspired my entire life by famous historical lovers and their stories, and with Valentine's Day approaching, I have to wonder... What would these couples do and wear on a Valentine's Day date today, if they existed in modernity as we know it? So why don't we take a little look into the wonderful world of historic adoration, and uncover what these 12 couples would be up to on V-Day circa 2015?


If alive today, Mark Antony and Cleopatra would most likely spend their Valentine's Day basking in the sun on a glorious private beach somewhere remote. Cleopatra would be reclining on a lounge in a white Versace swimsuit, her hair pulled back in a slick ponytail Kim Kardashian-style. She would be donned in gold — gold chandelier earrings, a huge gold statement necklace, gold rings, gold bracelets, and gold sandals. She would finish off the look with a pair of gaudy (in a good way) shades that hide her seductive smokey eyes beneath. And Mark Antony? He'd be lounged beside her, shirtless in an Armani bathing suit, a gold chain hanging around his neck, expensive shades covering his eyes. Both would be brilliantly bronzed, eating fruit, sipping drinks, and soaking up the sun together.


For these two star-crossed lovers, Valentine's Day would be spent true bohemian-style by taking a lovely private picnic in a gorgeous secret garden. Juliet would be wearing a beautiful vintage boho dress, her hair long and loose, with a flower-crown on her head. Romeo would be wearing tight, russet-colored pants (girlfriend-jeans-style), with a white, loose-fitting asymmetrical t-shirt. Both lovers would be barefoot, rolling around and laughing on the ground (and getting up to you-know-what) as they enjoy both their secret love and their delicious youth.


For Bonnie and Clyde, Valentine's Day would be spent taking a road trip in their convertible (that they got for a steal). Bonnie would be wearing a black pencil skirt and a sleeveless collared shirt, whilst Clyde would be driving in jeans and a fitted white t-shirt, with a casual vest thrown over the ensemble. Both would be wearing sunglasses, cruising along like a pair of happy bandits.


For this famous couple, Valentine's Day would be spent via Skype date, as Napoleon tends to be "away on business" more often than not. Napoleon would be proudly wearing his military uniform (which he only takes off to sleep) for the occasion, whilst Josephine would make sure to look dazzling for her long-distance lover by wearing a simple (yet elegant) Christian Dior dress with a glittering, dazzling statement necklace. For these two, love definitely conquers all.


A couple that spends together, stays together. This luxurious, lavish, and grandiose royal couple would celebrate Valentine's Day in the most extravagant, flamboyant way possible by hosting the most excessive, ostentatious dinner party the world has ever seen. Marie and Louis would both be personally dressed in the most exquisite Christian Lacroix couture, decorated with glittering Cartier diamond jewelry and watches — absolutely dripping with riches and excess. Guests invited to the elaborate "show" of a dinner would be required to wear black tie, of course. And once everyone is gathered to "ooh" and "awe" at the royal couple, it would be time to let them eat cake!


To celebrate Valentine's Day, Henry Tudor and Anne Boleyn would hire a private chef to cook a private dinner for them at their private home. Henry would wear some expensive silk pajamas with his emblem embroidered on the chest pocket, covered over by a luxurious bathrobe Hugh-Hefner style. Anne would be dressed in a would-be-queen worthy dress made by Vivienne Westwood, her ensemble completed with a power tiara on her head and pearls around her fine neck. She might as well show them both off while she still has them, right?


Valentine's Day would be spent attending some funky concert for this musically famous couple. Cher would be dressed in a glittering sequin skater dress and gold belt, while Sunny would wear a paisley oxford shirt and slim-leg jeans.


Lancelot and Guinevere, having been used to keeping their scandalous love secret for so long, would take pleasure in celebrating Valentine's Day with a sense of freedom. After whisking Guinevere away from her royal husband, the gallant knight would surely suggest a romantic ride on horseback through the British countryside to celebrate their escape, now able to love each other freely. Gwen would be richly dressed in her Chanel riding jacket and riding boots, whilst Lancelot would be dressed smartly in Burberry riding coat and boots — both riding away into legend.


For this classically famous American couple, Valentine's Day would mean a glamorous, expensive dinner at the famous restaurant, The French Laundry. Rhett would be dapper in black tie sporting a Rolex watch, while Scarlett would be wearing an elaborately elegant Vera Wang dress and fur shrug. Of course, her look wouldn't be completed without a glamorous retro-Hollywood-movie-star hairstyle and dazzling jewelry from Tiffany's.


For this gothic-romantic couple, Valentine's Day would be spent by taking a lovely romp and chase through the Yorkshire moors where they spent most of their time growing up as children. Both would be dressed for the wuthering weather in wool peacoats. Cathy would wear a more feminine peacoat in a baby blue, a-lined and double breasted style, her hair loose and blowing wildly in the wind. Heathcliff would be dressed in a dark charcoal peacoat, his dark, long hair tied roughly back in a man-bun.


For these lovers from two completely different worlds, Valentine's Day would be spent in a place where they can be alone and escape from the judgmental eyes and pressure of society — the woods. Dressed casually and comfortably in clothing that was simple and durable (jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts), the couple would spend the day camping, hiking, fishing and canoeing alone together in the shelter and privacy of the woods and hidden lake.


After a day of brooding and love games, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy would take a walk together through the rain down to their favorite pub to eat, read, talk and laugh together for their Valentine's Day. Lizzy Bennett would wear a collared dress, tights, and Mary Jane's for the occasion (with one of Darcy's coats thrown over to protect herself from the rain), while Darcy would be wearing a dress shirt with a tweed blazer (complete with elbow patches) thrown over it. At first glance, the couple may seem to be ignoring each other while they sip beer and read at the table, but in truth, they cannot stop making lovey-eyes at each other, playing footsies under the table, and reveling in each other's quiet, polite company.

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