7 Times Kate McKinnon & the 'Saturday Night Live' Ladies Owned the Show — VIDEOS

All hail! Kate McKinnon impersonated Justin Bieber and his Calvin Klein commercial on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and we're still giggling about it. This isn't the first time McKinnon has been a slam dunk, with her Ellen DeGeneres impression being the stuff of legend, but it is worth mentioning: the ladies of SNL are killing it right now.

Let's face it, Saturday Night Live has struggled putting women in the forefront and behind the scenes, as well. Of the current writers 13 percent are people of color, 25 percent are women. And of the head writers, none are women nor people of color. Which is 0 percent on both. So yeah. Gone are the days of Tina Fey ruling the roost, and lord knows that diversity, in all its forms, hasn't been their strong suit. But every time I see Aidy Bryant class it up as Tinkerbell's half-sister Tonkerbell, or watch Cecily Strong as the endearingly obnoxious Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party, I swell with pride. Despite it all, our girls find time to shine, and there's certainly enough laugh-churning characters, skits, and moments to prove it.

In case you missed the Bieber skit, feel free to experience the brilliance of McKinnon below. And then join me in reliving these recent examples of how the lovely Next Gen Saturday Night Live ladies are totally owning the show.

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

1. Girlfriends Talk Show


Girlfriends Talk Show is one of my favorite recurring sketches, not only because of Kyra's (Strong) giggly, disturbing tangents about her much older boyfriend (example: "Yesterday, he made me stand behind an empty frame like a portrait for, like, five hours while he stared at me and ate Caesar salad.") Really, it's the way Bryant (as Morgan) remarkable pegs middle school insecurity that sends me into hysterics. Constantly being usurped by whatever friend-of-the-week Kyra brings onto the show, Morgan flies into defenses about her love of guinea pigs and hanging out with a middle-aged divorcee. She. is. EVERYTHING.

Of note, I always read Bryant's tweet with that frantic Morgan tone.

2. "Dyke and Fats"

"Dyke and Fats" is the vintage buddy cop show that I'd binge watch if I could. And look, if they made A Night at the Roxbury into a film, I'm sure they could do something with this.

Spawning off an in-joke between Bryant and McKinnon, the duo are picture perfect parodies of the genre throughout, with their featured hair, wacky car stunts, and smooth movies — they hit on a hot female bartender and burger respectively. But the real punchline is when their police chief (Louis C.K.) refers to them as Dyke and Fats off-hand and they simultaneously freak out.

3. This Girls Parody


This is unfair because it features Fey as New Albanian Girl, Blerta, and nothing on earth could ever top that. Still, everyone gives a pretty spot-on impression of the privileged foursome. McKinnon mimics Jessa's droll accent and bath tub ugly-crying with ease, Vanessa Bayer totally rocks Shoshanna's sock bun, and Strong convincingly spouts out the most Marnie line ever written. Bonus points go to the single season cast member Noël Wells, who masters Hannah's mannerisms with every inflection and exaggerated hand gestures.

I don't know what Wells is doing right now, but I hope she's OK.

4. Likewise, This Scandal Parody

It features the real Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) as a clueless newbie Gladiator, but what really deserves credit is Sasheer Zamata's impression of Olivia Pope. The way she reacts when "Fitz" touches her face had me dying.

5. Leslie Jones on Crazy Bitches

Jones had a shaky introduction to SNL with her rant on how dating was easier as slave, a monologue which is probably polarizing at best. Still, I thoroughly appreciate her later romp as a relationship expert, in which she defends "crazy bitches." Jones laments furiously about the unfairness of sex, stating, "We gotta put your hands on your sweaty, hairy ass, and you can't even call me back tomorrow?" For all her prior controversy, you have to admit that there is no one as zealous as Jones.

6. Basically Every Time Vanessa Bayer Is Miley Cyrus

I do not care for Cyrus, though I am certainly pro-Bayer (we talked for like three seconds at a Bust Magazine party, she's lovely). And let's face it, Bayer's impression of Cyrus is one of the most iconic celebrity impersonations we have right now.

7. "Dongs All Over the World"

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

This true tour de force, comparable to the treasure "(Do it On My) Twin Bed," utilizes all the SNL ladies as neo-Pussycat Dolls. Although it's actually a belated parody of Ludacris' "Pimpin' All Over the World," the song satisfies as a silly but still feminist triumph. More traveling and dongs for all!

Anna Kendrick's presence is a delight, of course, but she's merely the cherry on top of this perfection sundae.

Image: NBC