Matt Healy Addresses Taylor Swift Dating Rumors & Doesn't Hold Back On What Really Happened

OK, I admit I have fallen victim to the rumor mill and the speculation about Taylor Swift's love life, because, I mean, it just looks like so much fun in the most "roller coaster of emotions" way possible. After writing an album that was largely said to be inspired by her short romance with Harry Styles, how could you not be intrigued with the gossip of who would be the next man to capture Swift's heart? Two months ago, the wheels starting churning about Taylor Swift dating Matt Healy after she attended a concert of his band, The 1975. And after keeping mum on the subject, Healy addressed and denied the rumors, once and for all.

When Healy appeared on Australia's Shazam Top 20 radio show on the 2Day FM Network, the on-air DJs did not skip a beat in jumping right into the very important matter of those Taylor Swift rumors. After playing various clips from all over the country of people speaking about the two exchanging numbers, Healy quickly shot back, saying,

It's fake. It's all bloody fake. Yeah, we met each other, we exchanged numbers in the same way that a lot of people in this kind of world do and we spoke occasionally. She's the biggest pop star in the world and I'm in Australia. There's no like, relationship or anything happening. It's just funny how people really, really buy into that.
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And there you have it, folks. It's a bit refreshing that a man involved in this type of gossip would simply stand up against that rumors and lay it out there. With Swift being in the position she is in, as one of the biggest stars on the planet, it would be very easy for someone in his position to take advantage of his connection with her and milk it all for the exposure. Now, I'm not saying that Swift's been a little angel and hasn't teased us a bit, like that time they wore each other's shirts:

But could something actually have been brewing? We may never know if there were a few flirty texts thrown back and forth, but Healy seems to have come to terms with whatever happened and all is well. He told the hosts, "It didn’t really happen. As much as it would be amazing for me if it did, unfortunately it didn’t." Well, it's good to know that whatever happened, there is no bad blood (pun maybe intended). We are definitely in the era of single Swift and we should embrace it and look forward to all of the adorable lady lovin', cookie bakin' hangouts she's got planned with her throng of BFFs in 2015

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