We Need More Female Buddy Comedies Already

Is it me or can Abbi Jaconson and Illana Glazer do no wrong? The incredible brains behind Broad City went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to chat about their hi-freakin-larious, surreal, and utterly relatable sketch show. The series has just gone into its second season and it's only getting better and better. Not only have these two Upright Citizens Bridgade alums totally changed the televised sketch game, but they've also totally stolen the hearts of pretty much everyone who watches them do their work. On Monday night, during their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Broad City badasses took the stage in full Dumb & Dumber tuxedos and it was absolutely brilliant.

Watching Jacobson and Glazer in action is like being invited to the weirdest, but best birthday party you've ever attended. Everyone is having fun. Everyone is weird. Everyone kind of gets you. It's an absolute blast. One thing that stands out about their Dumb & Dumber gear is that simply by being themselves in those famous tuxedos, they were already funnier than the Dumb & Dumber sequel... ten-fold... a thousand-fold.

So why is it that these two can just throw on costumes and already be more engaging than the multimillion dollar effort that was wasted on Dumb & Dumber To? Well, simply, the talent and the fresh ideas are there. Why do we continue to recycle far-too-old ideas from male buddy comedies instead of investing in films with new stories and new heroes? We've had Bridesmaids and The Heat pave the way for modern female-led buddy comedies, but there's still a drought in the film world for these voices. I mean come on, if Broad City can make a 3-minute appearance more endearing than an entire movie, what in the hell is the industry waiting for?

Considering the critical response across the board for The Wedding Ringer was ho-hum and Hollywood has to use the almighty power of Channing Tatum to make a huge comedy work, it's time to really lose the tired old formulas of the male buddy comedies. Sorry fellas, the ladies are just schooling you.

Check it.

Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube