10 Things That Are Even Worse Than Being Cold

I truly believe that I shiver way, way more than a normal person would. Friends actually think I'm trying to be funny or cute, but the truth is, there's nothing funny about being extremely cold. Being cold is something that we all need to prep for between the months of November and March every single year. We have our very special space heaters that we bring into the office (and hope the boss doesn't say anything about it), we have our hats and scarves ready, and we purchased our fuzzy blankets from Amazon months in advance. On extremely cold mornings, it's tough to separate from these blankets, but we conquer through the struggle every time.

That being said, people need to stop complaining about the cold. If you don't see this as being a legit issue, just take a look at your Facebook feed the second the temperature drops. I'm sure you'll get a good view of car thermostats and lawn frost, with captions like "can you believe this?!" and "So cold!" Sure, the temperature is something that brings us all together (since misery loves company, right?), but it's not something that we should get all up in arms about. Next time you feel the need to air a complaint or two on social media — or to your cubicle neighbors, who you have nothing else in common with — keep in mind that there are a billion other fresh, petty things worth complaining about once or twice.

Here are a few to get you started.

1. Being too hot

Being too hot is way, way worse than being too cold. When you're cold, you can add on additional layers and still look pretty darn cute. When you're too hot, there are only a few appropriate layers you can remove. Also, you'll be a sweaty mess. While people love the summer, it can be a truly uncomfortable season.

2. Working with jerks

Unlike cold weather, jerks will be around until either you quit your job, or they do. Even when they resign, there's still the possibility of a brand new jerk filling their place. Working with miserable people can make you turn into a pretty darn miserable person as well, which is why it's totally worth complaining about that guy who openly uses racial slurs.

3. Not having enough money

You bust your butt all day, working with so many aforementioned jerks. However, your company hasn't been in a good financial place to give raises for the last four years. If anything, they might have to take away some of the work perks you've gotten used to. Maybe you're just meant to be a home renter for life. Hey, at least you're not responsible for clearing all of that snow out of the parking lots, am I right?

4. When Netflix and Hulu spontaneously stop working

You checked all of your Internet connections, and rebooted everything you can possibly reboot. But for some reason, it's just not working right. It keeps giving you error messages that don't make much sense, based on the fact that you're still able to surf the web on your laptop with zero interruptions. My main theory (even though it's never been true) has been that "the wind must have knocked out a line outside!" It's like someone is punishing you for not watching MasterChef Junior live the other night, like you knew you should have. But no, you went off to console your recently dumped friend. You chump.

5. When your car starts making weird noises, and your bank account won't let you take it to the shop

You have control over your body temperature. Even if you're shivering, some coffee and a nice pair of gloves will get you on your way. Your car, unfortunately, doesn't have these luxuries. Sometimes it's so cold that your car will absolutely refuse to start, which might just inspire you to get back in bed. Being that most people need transportation on a daily basis, this is a great reason to complain.

6. Actual real life issues in the world

Obviously, I could have started and ended with this point — and despite my intro, this one isn't very petty at all. But you already know that. Sure, there's a ton of weird, negative stuff happening around us — and while I don't want to get too heavy, I will remind you that when you compare world hunger with your body temperature, your body temperature will always lose. Every single time. Keeping a healthy perspective is always a positive.

7. Children on lawns

The amazing phrase "Get off my lawn!" always made me laugh as a teenager who didn't own a lawn. Now, as an adult who currently rents her lawn (see point No. 3), I can totally relate to the stereotypical crotchety old person. I've seen unattended children scream their lungs out a few yards from my front door, and it's a problem that I'll have to deal with every time the weather isn't terrible. Cold weather is actually a plus on this occasion.

8. Taking out the trash in the winter

It seems so simple, right? I mean, your trash is in a bag already. All you need to do is leave the house and put it where it belongs, whether it be a community dumpster or a can that'll be put on the street in a day or two, ridding you of all of your Hot Pocket sleeve shame.

This minor task is especially annoying in the winter. I mean, you have to bundle up to make such a short trip. Pretty soon, the trash starts to pile up. Why make two trips when you can just take all seven bags out tonight? And by tonight, I mean next week. Your apartment might stink, but you're sadly used to the aroma.

9. Having to wait so long for Game Of Thrones to come back on air

Sure, it's the same with every television show. But, it seems like Game Of Thrones is a bit more highly anticipated, since — what the heck is going to happen to Tyrion?! Heck, even George R.R. Martin doesn't totally know yet! As the show moves forward, there are things that we'll probably see on screen before we see in a book, which means that these upcoming years will be a shock to both readers and viewers. The anticipation is just too high, people!

Game Of Thrones also seems to start up right after we officially say goodbye to winter, so it's the perfect introduction to a warmer season.

10. Traveling to a place with shoddy cell phone reception

While you're done with all of your holiday travel, chances are that you'll still be out on the road a bit these next few months. Whether it be a work commute, a business trip, or a chance to visit some distant family based on plane tickets being a bit cheaper, chances are that your cell phone will be necessary — but when you see zero bars upon landing, you might just panic.

Personally, I'm not the type of person who's attached to my phone. Sure, I text and still play the Kim Kardashian game (don't judge!), but the only time I'd be truly upset about not having it is if I can't have it. I've driven throughout town looking for reception before, and it's not pretty. You can stare at coverage maps all you want, but this is one negative situation you can't truly anticipate until it's too late.

Images: Karen Blaha/Flickr; Giphy (10)