11 Questions About Lady Gaga & Adele's Selfie

Musical worlds are colliding, people! Late on Wednesday night, Lady Gaga and Adele took a selfie together and put it up on Instagram. Understandably, the Internet exploded. But just what were the two singers up to? The only real clue we have is Gaga's bizarre Instagram caption that reads: "Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele."

A Wednesday night bro-down? What the hell is that? A party? Is everybody going to bro-downs these days but me? Obviously, I don't know Gaga or Adele personally, but neither of them strike me as the kind of person who would be terribly interested in a bro-down. OK, now I'm even more confused.

Here's what we know: Gaga recently began work on a new album. Last week, she was photographed in the studio with producer RedOne, sparking speculation that the pair are teaming up once again. (I'm pretty psyched about the possibility. After all, RedOne produced mega-hits like "Just Dance," "Bad Romance," and "LoveGame" for Gaga.) Adele, of course, has been recording the follow-up to her critically acclaimed sophomore album, 21, for what seems like decades now. (In reality, it's only been about two and a half years. What can I say? I'm impatient.)

Two of the world's biggest pop stars just happen to be hanging out together at a time when they're both preparing new music? I think a Gaga/Adele collaboration could be in the works! That being said, I still have a lot of questions about this selfie:

How Long Have Gaga and Adele Been Friends, Exactly?

More Importantly, How Long Have They Been Hanging Out Without Me?

Why Does Adele Look Like She Just Emerged From a 19-Hour Law & Order: SVU Binge While Gaga Looks Like She's Ready For a Night on the Town? Did Gaga Drop by Unannounced?

Did Tony Bennett Stop In, Too?

Wait... Is Adele Holding a Macbook?

Is There MUSIC On It??

Can We Hear It?

Are Gaga and Adele Recording a Duets Album?

Is It Called Someone Like You and I: Adele & Lady Gaga's Best Friendship Extravaganza?

Did Gaga and Adele Get Drinks After Their Studio Sesh?

I hear ya, Deley. Hopefully, we'll learn more about Gaga and Adele's mysterious meet-up very soon.

Images: ladygaga/Instagram; Giphy (10)