Will We Get To See Donna's Big Day On 'Parks'?

I have some very important news — fans of Parks and Recreation are going to be included in one of the most exclusive events in all of Pawnee history. That's right, it seems that we will see Donna's wedding on Parks and Rec . Uh, not to brag or anything, but I kind of predicted that Donna and Joe would be together in Season 7. But let's be real — we rarely saw any of Donna's boyfriends and none of them were ever as famous as Keegan-Michael Key. So, it seemed like it would have been a waste to bring Key in for just one episode. And luckily, Donna has already referred to the fact that she's engaged to Joe (in 2017), so will we really get to see their big day?

Weddings are a hard thing to pass up on in the sitcom world. TV shows live for big life events (particularly weddings and births), but we know that Parks and Rec is not your average TV show. Of course, they depend on the tropes of wedding and pregnancies (Diane, Ann, and Leslie were all pregnant in Season 6), but even though the whole plot point of Leslie having triplets scared me that the show was becoming desperate, Parks and Rec impressed me with how it handled the storyline. Leslie's pregnancy made sense with her character arc at that point — it wasn't just a lame attempt to add edge to the series — as proven by the fact that the show jumped in time and has barely shown Ben and Leslie's triplets.

But back to Donna. The seventh episode of Season 7 is called "Donna and Joe" and TVGuide has the plot described (partly) as, "April tries to keep everything running smoothly on Donna and Joe's wedding day." Yes!! I'm pumped that we get to see Donna's big day, since I know that the woman who co-created Treat Yo Self day is not going to be one to skimp on her wedding. It's going to be epic and classy (especially if Tom has any hand in planning it).

But really I'm just happy that Retta is getting an episode to showcase Donna in all of her awesomeness. And it doesn't hurt that she'll have Key by her side. It's intriguing that April is the one helping, since I would have assumed Tom would play a large part. And although I'm not personally a huge fan of extravagant, "traditional" weddings, I want to see one on Parks and Rec. April and Andy, Ron and Diane, and Leslie and Ben all didn't have typical TV weddings, in the sense of planning for months and drunken, packed dance floors (which is what I picture of when I think of real weddings too). I'm looking forward to seeing Donna embrace her inherent fabulousness.

We know the wedding will be amazing, so now the real question now is: who will officiate? Regardless, they better make sure they live up to Donna's expectations.

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