11 Times Super Bowl Sunday Got Sitcommy

Sitcoms show "regular" people living ordinary lives — they have jobs, get in arguments with loved ones, and all those other boring things, while still being utterly hilllarrrriouss. So it comes as no surprise that characters on sitcoms like to watch the Super Bowl and because of that, there are many TV shows with episodes about the Super Bowl. Usually our sitcom counterparts get involved with the Super Bowl in some way — whether that's through a Super Bowl commercial or actually getting tickets to go to the ridiculously expensive game. Of course, this rarely happens in real life, but that's what entertainment is for!

The two-part episode of Friends called "The One After the Superbowl" [sic] actually had nothing to do with the Super Bowl. The name of the episode came from the fact that it aired after the Super Bowl and featured a bunch of famous people, including Brooke Shields, Chris Isaak, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the one and only Julia Roberts. Some shows that air after the Super Bowl take the opportunity to tie-in the big game with their show. While other shows just know how much the general public loves the Super Bowl and decide to dedicate an episode to it. Either way, remembering these shows (only the three animated shows are still on the air) and their Super Bowl episodes will really get you ready for some football. (How could sitcoms not get you in the mood for Super Bowl XLIX?) So here are 11 times TV shows focused on the biggest football game of the year.

Seinfeld: "The Label Maker"

Not only did this Seinfeld episode revolve around the Super Bowl — it also featured an Elaine and Tim kiss. (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston famously relived their kissing Seinfeld days at the 2014 Emmys.)

How I Met Your Mother: "Monday Night Football" and "Rabbit or Duck"

How I Met Your Mother had two episodes celebrating the football holiday. Season 2's "Monday Night Football" involved Robin, Ted, Barney, Marshall, and Lily all missing the Super Bowl on Sunday night and deciding to watch it on Monday night — and trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to avoid spoiling which team won. "Rabbit or Duck" in Season 5 had Barney ending up on TV during the Super Bowl while showing his phone number (there was a real tie-in with the actual Super Bowl the night before the episode aired).

Smart Guy: "Rooferman, Take One"

Remember this oldie but a goodie? Smart Guy had almost all but disappeared from my memory, but I absolutely used to watch T.J. and his family. In this episode, T.J. accidentally got his dad's business commercial to air during the Super Bowl.

Family Guy: "Death Has a Shadow"

The first ever episode of Family Guy, "Death Has a Shadow," had Peter and Brian going to the Super Bowl to dump money Peter had earned through welfare on the crowd. The show premiered right after the Super Bowl and introduced the world to the shenanigans of Peter Griffin.

Everybody Loves Raymond: "Super Bowl"

Raymond got to go to the Super Bowl (he is a sports writer after all), but domestic issues with his wife Debra ensued and he ends up ripping up the tickets. Aw man — women, amiright?

Home Improvement: "Super Bowl Fever"

Although I loved Home Improvement (and not just for JTT), the "Super Bowl Fever" episode doesn't sound any better than the Everybody Loves Raymond one. Tim wanted to watch the Super Bowl with his friends, but then his old ball and chain, Jill, had to go and get the flu and mess up his plans. Women are the worst.

Bob's Burgers: "Easy Commercial, Easy Gommercial"

Let's get to a show that may have a sitcom format, but embraces its women — the great Bob's Burgers. Bob had an opportunity to create a commercial for his business that will air during the Super Bowl. Problem was his family is so bizarre (well, that's not a problem for me), so he brought in an ex-NFL player to do the commercial — outraging his family in the process.

Boy Meets World: "The Eskimo"

Mr. Feeny taught Cory, Topanga, and Shawn a valuable life lesson in "The Eskimo." He tasked Shawn with getting Super Bowl tickets — insisting Topanga not help him. Shawn ended up going to the Super Bowl, while the rest of the gang watched on TV in Philly.

3rd Rock from the Sun: "36! 24! 36! Dick!"

Another post-Super Bowl episode, 3rd Rock from the Sun (with baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt) had beautiful, giant women aliens attacking Earth during the Super Bowl. Cindy Crawford (the epitome of a gorgeous woman in the 1990s) guest starred.

The Simpsons: "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday"

The Simpsons followed Super Bowl XXXIII and Family Guy with the episode "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" (it wasn't the first or last time The Simpsons touched the topic of the Super Bowl). Besides the whole Super Bowl premise, Lisa and Marge were involved in one of my most favorite Simpsons story lines of all time — Vincent Price's Egg Magic kit with the missing feet.

Full House: "Super Bowl Fun Day"

Jesse and Joey were supposed to take Michelle and her friends to a museum, but they wanted to watch the Super Bowl instead. Somehow I'm with Jesse and Joey on this one (probably because of my incredible disdain for Michelle). But who knew that in 2014 the men of Full House would be starring in a Super Bowl commercial?

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