Is Leslie Knope Coming To 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?

Could two of the best and sweetest comedies currently on TV be coming together? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Samberg revealed his dream guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Amy Poehler, his former Saturday Night Live costar. So who knows? Parks and Recreation may be coming to an end (sob), but we might still have another chance to see Leslie Knope grace our television screens. Samberg said that a crossover is a dream of his:

Parks and Rec fans' heads might explode, and it's pretty sacred ground, but the dream really would be for Leslie Knope to show up in Brooklyn. I don't know if we'd have to talk to NBC about that.

Though BK99 is Fox and Parks and Rec is NBC, The Hollywood Reporter points out that both shows are produced by the same studio. When asked what Leslie would do on the show, Samberg laughingly replied, "I assume Leslie Knope and Jake Peralta just making passionate love for a week straight."

While I fully understand Samberg's motivation for wanting this to happen, I have to respectfully disagree. Leslie Knope would almost certainly have no patience for Jake Peralta's slacker mentality. The character I'm sure she would best get along with, though probably not make passionate love to, is Captain Holt (Andre Braugher). Though Holt is stoic and Leslie is chipper, both share a love for rules, paperwork, and getting down to business. I can see a Ron/Leslie dynamic happening with those two. I can also see her becoming close with Santiago (Melissa Fumero), who is similarly law abiding, though I'm not sure how Leslie would handle meeting another woman as passionate and organized as she is. Obviously, though, Leslie Knope loves everyone, and would certainly win over the precinct in no time.

What would Leslie be doing in Brooklyn, so far removed from her beloved Pawnee? Maybe she's checking out Prospect Park for inspiration. Maybe Tom Haverford brought her along on a business venture. Maybe she and Holt were old school friends, and he brought her in to whip the precinct into shape. That last scenario would be amazing.

Imagine how nice it would be to see Leslie Knope on TV after Parks and Rec ended, like seeing an old friend in a new city. And Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems like the perfect place for Leslie Knope. Both comedies have a large amount of heart and sentimentality, and both shows' jokes often spring from interactions between devoted workers and slackers. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already had some fantastic female guest stars, including Jenny Slate, Eva Longoria, and Kyra Sedgwick. Leslie Knope is all about turning dreams into reality — Samberg should definitely follow her example.

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