How Can You Learn More About Your Relationship? Find Out Which Literary Lovebirds You Most Closely Resemble

Oh, the mysteries of love — there are so many. I've written diary entries, talked it over with friends, even looked to the fates for guidance courtesy of my own personal tarot cards. No matter how hard I try, though, I still find it tough to figure out exactly what's going on within my own relationship from time to time... and this is coming from someone who's logged 10 straight years of monogamy.

Most of the time, I'm happy to live in ambiguity, but there are certain occasions that make me long for a little certainty — none more than Valentine's Day.

So, where can a girl turn for a little direction in this realm? I've given it a lot of thought, and as far as I'm concerned, the best path to a insight is by way of the greatest love stories of all time. When I'm looking for answers, I go directly to the books. Have you tried it?

In honor of V-Day, here's a fun little quiz: What can you learn about your own love life by finding out which literary lovebirds you most closely resemble? I'd say quite a lot.

1. Do you share the same dreams?

a) At first I thought we didn't, but more and more it feels like we do.b) Good god no, I have no idea what s/he wants half the time.c) I'm coming around to a new way of seeing the world each and every day.d) All we want is each other.

2. What are your thoughts on family?

a) You know, I'm not sure we've ever talked about it — we've got enough to handle with the family we already have.b) S/he's into it... me, not so much.c) Well, it wasn't something we planned, but it's been quite the blessing.d) All we need is each other.

3. How do you keep the passion alive?

a) Long walks in the park.b) An air of mystery.c) Significant glances.d) Secret rendezvous.

4. Do the important people in your life approve of your romance?

a) The important people in my life are the ones with the worst judgment.b) What important people?c) Good god no.d) Don't ask, don't tell.

5. How did you two meet?

a) Friends of friends.b) I'd rather not discuss the details — it was infuriating.c) Roaming the halls.d) At a fabulous party, of course.

6. What's your idea of the perfect date?

a) A long talk about the more important things in life.b) The most high-priced entertainment in town.c) Hunting.d) Any time we can spend alone together.

7. How do you keep your partner honest?

a) I ask around, and even when I don't I tend to hear things.b) I don't even bother trying.c) He would never lie to me, unless s/he was trying to protect me, of course.d) I haven't had enough time to find out.

8. How do things play out when you're in public?

a) Some nights are better than others.b) S/he's infuriating, I'm adorable, it all works out.c) We mostly keep to ourselves.d) We don't do public.

9. Where's your secret spot that you go together?

a) In the gardens.b) Out for a drive.c) Deep in the forest.

d) On the balcony.

10. What do you see in each other?

a) Honest, integrity, values.b) S/he's worth a fortune, and I'm the ultimate trophy wife.c) I would die for my partner, and s/he would do anything for me.d) We're soulmates, plain and simple.

11. What do you do when trouble strikes?

a) Stay silent until some new information surfaces.b) Walk right out.c) Come together as a family to take care of the problem.d) Take it to the grave.

Ready for the Results?

If you came up mostly As:

Ready those white gloves and prepare your parasol: Your relationship most closely resembles the Bennet/Darcy bond from Pride and Prejudice . You're both smart, proud individuals, dedicated to your ideals and looking for true love. You're willing to set aside the unimportant things in life in order to commit to one another, but you'll never compromise your principles.

If you scored primarily Bs:

You're a regular Rhett/Scarlett super-couple, so prepare yourself for the drama to come. You're both high-strung, flamboyant, and in it to win it. When your goals clash there will be hell to pay, but when you're on the same team you're a force to be reckoned with.

If you locked down almost all Cs:

Stock up on well-sourced blood and stay out of the sunshine, your relationship seems to be following the same course as Edward and Bella's. You came together unexpectedly and stick together through thick and thin. You might not understand exactly how you make it all work, but you'd fight for your relationship above all else.

If you're Ds, through and through:

Settle in for a sweet forever, you've scored the ultimate love-pair — you and your honey are a regular Romeo and Juliet. It may have happened out of nowhere, but your love is not to be denied. Steal those moments together while you can, you never know what the future may hold.